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Hanging out in Jon's room with the groomsmen
Tim thinks deep thoughts about beer
It was a pretty relaxed environment
Wow, very cool! Jon got us all custom cuff links as groomsmen gifts.
Carl seems to be having a good time
Gabe has started changing already
The groom
None of us know how to tie a tie
Maybe we can figure it out
Youtube lessons
Why is this so difficult?
Gabe nailed it
Tim looks like a pro
It's almost like we know what we're doing
Look how fancy we are
Jon gets the cuffs
A little help
Well.. now what
Gabe's fully suited up
Carl cleans off his suit
I'm so comfortable in suits
And away we go
Nice sunglasses, Carl
The top of that sign says "Jeremy Stands Here"
Let's go get our flower things
Gabe gets his flower thing
Jeremy's turn
We found the bridesmaids
And there's the couple!
Jon's having fun
Haha, this dude just wandered through the shoot
Don't fall in the water!
Looking good, guys
Aaaand kiss
I met this guy on Napster.
That's a big lens
Now what?
Fancy arch
Tim calls his stock broker
Hey not bad for a blind remote shot! The preview wasn't working so I just sort of lined it up
Jon is having a good day
Nice flower, Carl
Obviously no photos of the ceremony since I was in it. Let's go to the reception!
Hey that's me
Neat place
Drinking and talking
Tables all over the place
Lots of people came by to talk to Jon and Becca
Aaand kiss
Tim reviews his speech
Haha, having fun, Jon?
Becca knows how to properly smile for a photo. Jon knows how to drive me crazy
That's better
So many demands for kissing!
Becca's Dad
Becca's Mom
Tim gave a great speech
I think Becca's also having a good day
Good job, Tim!
Hi Becca
Then Jon said a few words
Point the microphone at your mouth!
They're both having fun
Dip and kiss!
You are viewing images from 07/29/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 65 pictures.
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