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Topaz gets so excited for Otakon
Let's do this
I didn't get this joke until I listened to the Giant Bomb game of the year podcasts at the end of the year
Topaz remains so excited for Otakon
Soth Bulding C
Our new back halls
Another Otakon staffer hard at work
Whoa, what are these future pods?
Testing the lights for the dance
Topaz started dancing with the test lights and they immediately turned off
Lights are pretty complicated
It really bums me out that signs like this are required
Phrobyn isn't sure about these photos
Welcome to the new AMV Theater
Spherical mattress?
This is a very helpful sign
So.. where is the loading dock?
We found Vic and Amanda!
Time to start unpacking
Another team was also unpacking
Get all the crap out of the van so Vic can go park
Hi Amanda
Organizing all the equipment
Time to shoot another time lapse video
It's quiet in here
Consult the All-Knowing Binder
Anthony is pertty good about noticing the camera
Our old friend Skynet
My favorite sign
Space Corps, eh?
Hey I know those guys
The "LEGO Staircase"
This year's program guide. The theme is "Spies"
The other program guide cover
Vic's all radioed up
Amanda already looks tired
Figuring out the laptop setup
What next, Amanda?
McKeed gets to work taping down the cables
Wiring up the server
More cable tape
Now Will can never get down!
A two for one special on Team Camera-Shy!
Taking down the 16:9 screen so we can put up a 4:3 one
Otakon cookies!
Otakon is delicious
Meanwhile, in Main Events..
The con before us was really exciting
Don't get near our projector!
Checking out the server
Hi Amanda
Fun things are fun
Carrying more equipment
Now we have ballots!
Hi Will
We have too much stuff
Waiting around Main Events
Anthony's new LinkedIn profile photo
This stuff makes the AMV Theater look easy
Cables and pipes everywhere
Watcha got there, a phone?
Topaz is so full of energy we should just attach a generator to him
Hi Topaz
Let's find dinner!
Nice lighting in DC
That's a big Otakon sign
Back in the WEWCC
Ascending into Otakon
Hey we have a sign now!
Practicing connecting panelists
Dominion is fun
Hey Main Events actually came together by the morning!
That's a lot of chairs
Let's calibrate it
Food is good
Omar found his sign poles!
You are viewing images from 08/11/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 78 pictures.
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