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Taako says "don't touch the server"
Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle!
It's Rey from that new Star War!
I should probably get around to watching Princess Tutu
Nappa's going to kick my ass
Topaz trying to figure out why my stupid laptop won't connect to his network
Surprise! Kate is here!
Also Teo!
Not the best turnout for our space panel but it was fun as always
Dan and Josh came to watch some anime
Step step!
Fastest thing alive
Neat lighting at the hotel
I love shots of cosplayers at Starbucks
Whoops, who's got a keygen?
Sound Guy James takes a hoverboard for a spin
Mel couldn't find a lanyard.. so she used tape
Well this is.. uh..
Tenshi is going to cut me
New Dealer's Room
Who new Mercy had a tattoo?
Some of these cosplayers must be.. cold
That chalk art guy is at it again
This guy was actually playing!
At first I thought this was Beakman, but MST3K is also pretty great
Welcome Aspect Ratio
Taking advantage of the scifi-esque hotel lobby
Time for my shift
Otakon Simulator guy is back!
More Overwatch cosplayers!
D.Va is making quite a face
Young Ana
A gaggle of Robins
This year's official AMV Contest results
My girls! D.Va and Mercy
How do they get air in there?
The black parts of the floor looked like rogue gaffer tape
Not sure what this is, but it sure is elaborate
Rainbow.. bat.. thing? I bet this is from Kill la Kill
Probably my favorite shot this year. "Cosplayers interacting with the normal world"
This guy is as thin as his fans
Devil Mercy!
Those are some big sleeves
Hey it's that Chrono guy!
Lots of big open spaces in the WEWCC
Hey I know those guys!
Topaz and Kate hanging out
A full VAT is a happy VAT
Amanda says "No"
Josh at Otakon!
Mel getting something out of Amanda's pocket lead to a great photo op
Is "Got Repel?" guy getting more Zubats every year?
Wendys cosplayers??
Great turnout for Topaz's talk!
Topaz in "let's talk about cybersecurity" mode
"And I said, that's not an iptable, that's my wife!"
"So the thing about Visual Basic to track the killers is.."
Something has gone awry at this Metal Gear Solid shoot
Topaz continued answering questions in the hallway
I think there's a Sbarro near here
There was some super intense rain. It even leaked in Artist's Alley!
Vic in full crisis mode as he tries to fix the Iron Editor laptops
"AMVs right this way"
Bumming around in the booth
Queueing up videos
Mel keeps the audience engaged
Peter / DJ-PON3 is a judge
Taking a break at the end of a long shift
"Let's shoot our band cover on the escalator"
I think we found the dance
It was so loud the sound was like a texture
Unts, unts, unts, unts
Amanda loves raves
I hope you're all drinking your water
Otakon ran the bag check when they found out the WEWCC was charging per bag
Topaz... remains so excited for Otakon
Flying Nimbus!
Mel is plotting something
Kit watches over his dominion
Oh god, no one tell Pub Ops about this
I don't know what you are, Captain Crossbow, but that's a cool costume
If this guy offers you apple juice.. say no
Another Taako!
Tsundere sharK?
Want to buy some fwends?
So many Taakos!
Lots of people checking out today
This is the funniest goddamn thing I've ever seen
Ranma-chan in search of hot water
Conrad loves photos
Holy crap, this is excessive
Is this a warning to other cosplayers?
So fancy
You are viewing images from 08/13/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 101 pictures.
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