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It's foggy in Charleston.. and there's going to be clouds! Time to drive across all of South Carolina to get to our new primary viewnig location
I think I know where these guys are going!
Grabbing breakfast at Waffle House in central South Carolina!
James made friends with the waitress
Classic James. Giant slice of chocolate pie
I. Love. Waffle House.
Another NASA nerd!
James is ready for this eclipse
Balloon selfie
We accidentally set up in the wrong driveway for a few minutes.. Our viewing spot was outside Suz's relative's house
The first tiny slice of missing sun! (On the right)
Andrew really came through with his little cardboard filters. Much easier than the sheets I had.
The sun is disappearing!
The sun spots were really handy for manual focusing
It was super duper hot.. so we spent a lot of time hiding in the shade
I covered my camera with a shirt when I wasn't shooting, so it wouldn't overheat
How's it looking, James?
This real-time simulation actually came in handy. It was cool to check what percentage we were at. I punched in our GPS coordinates to make sure it was accurate
AJ and Suz are taking proper eye protection precautions
Our viewing area
James and the Plane: A story in three photos
James throws the plane
The plane throws.. James?
The sun is really getting covered up now!
We had a few clouds.. but hopefully they'll move in time!
Just a sliver left!
It was tough to capture, but the light started to feel sort of weird
How's it going, AJ? Also, note the shadows.. They're starting to get all weird based on the crescent sun
Almost gone!
The light is getting weirder.. It's tough to describe. It wasn't so much that it was dark or dim so much as... I don't know. It was odd.
My trusty 70d hard at work
The last little bit of the sun
May I present to you.. a total solar eclipse.
It's... beyond words
The corona!
A solar flare!
If you ever have a chance to see this yourself you absolutely have to go
Look at that little solar flare!
The only shot I took from the wide angle
This is blurry as hell but I sort of like it. It captures the chaos and unworldly feeling of the moment
The prominences are really incredible
It's fun trying different exposure settings on it
The sun is coming back!
The diamond ring
And that's a wrap on that!
I forgot to get a good photo of the strange shadows but you can see them here
Let's take a group photo while the sun is still dim!
We did it!
Trying to jump at the same time is hard..
Suz loves jumping
Jump shot take 2
See? The sun is coming back
Andrew and Zoe checking out the sun
James makes the best shot of the trip
The balloon back home
Putting coolant in Suz's car
Hey Cheerwine does exist!
You are viewing images from 08/21/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 57 pictures.
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