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Omar got me an awesome D.Va figure that now lives on my desk
Hi Tom!
David in a meeting
Shawn thinks about all the work he has to do
Tom's in the FOC!
So is Shane
Why am I taking pictures in the FOC? Because I love spending lots of time blurring out details, apparently
Mew has moved into my origami ball like some sort of hermit crab
Hi Jeff
Joe on the job
Joe under fire!
Joe strikes back
Tom isn't even armed
The LEGO Saturn V is a beautiful thing
My first floor hallway
Neil is so attentive
Saturn V!
It's tough to see but there was a cool mist in the air
David and Dan are excited about Jeff's goodbye lunch
Jeff himself
Dan kept making this face whenever I tried to take his picture
What will David order..
Ax in his characteristic purple shirt!
At least I can make him laugh while he does it
David got the most ridiculous drink possible
I brought dry ice to work and chaos ensued
Who put my origami ball up there?
David vapes only the purest CO2
The dry ice vapor went nuts in the wind from the vent
Joe's desk is so spooky
That's good for laptops, right?
Pouring vapor!
Let's fix Joe's rattling lens
This definitely seems user serviceable
Scott take a peek at what's going on
Gotta have steady hands..
Joe is the donut king
Buzz wonders about the world outside
Moe field strips Joe's nerf rifle
Gotta load the magazines
He's armed!
Petusky goes for the chop
Jason seems unimpressed by his partner
Tom's got the crappy paddle
I got a fancy laser level
A part of my house is falling down!
I'm glad I got this fixed before it got really windy
Carefully aligning corkboard
I spent so long making this perfectly aligned and you can't even see it once the photos are up
See? The photos came out pretty great though
So much nonsense
Neil chilling in the new bowl chair. I finally achieved my life goal of having a comfy bowl chair!
Neil is comfort
I used some of my Health for the Holidays winnings to buy a giant space shuttle book
The view from the bowl chair
There is a dog in the office?
Looks like a friendly dog
Gibsan disagrees
Watch out for the alien queen
David is so excited about MATLAB
Volle is deep in concentration
The Parker Probe people tend to their spacecraft as it sits in the SES
It's about time we fix the 3d printer
Hmm... seems difficult
Seems really difficult
Hey Mike's back! Just for a few days though
Dan's feeling really good about throwing the "empty" bag on David's desk
It turns out it wasn't quite empty
Now there is cocoa everywhere
Creeping on Dan
I got one of those medusa lamps
And a pistol for the giant Nerf darts I bought by accident
Joe's got a fancy coffeemaker
Ominous clouds
That doesn't bode well for lunch
No wings??
Where will we go instead?
How about some cupcakes for David's birthday! Or whatever. I forget why we got cupcakes
Doctor's office!
Frozen windshield
Whoa, a crazy robot at work
Looks friendly..
Supposedly we can program it to greet people at the elevator and stuff
You, robot
Catching up with Tom! He was impressed by Goddard
Then we hit up Microcenter
Fancy diagnostic data screen on Bebop
More LEGO Apollo stuff
David's ready for work in the FOC
Spencer's hard at work
Super hard at work, guys
Watching the SpaceX launch
Look at that second stage burn!
You are viewing images from 01/31/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 97 pictures.
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