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Dan is excited for space!
Wow. SLS at its finest
Employee discount!
Hey this place finally opened. We'll swing by later
John Blaha again!
Orion's heat shield is so enormous
James follows the slowly rotating Orion
Dan loves Orion
I think this commercial spaceflight mural needs to be upgraded. XCOR is still here!
"James don't touch the ball!"
James touches the ball
He loves touching the gross wet ball
Shuttle stack!
It's always surprising how huge these are
Dan for scale
Hey it's Blue Origin right next door!
Dan finally meets a shuttle orbiter
Dan, meet Atlantis. Atlantis, meet Dan.
Hello, beautiful. Long time, no see.
Dan just wanted to look at Atlantis all day. I can relate
Atlantis closeup
I love the hatch
RCS in the nose
Docking port
Rear of the cargo bay
OMS pod
Umbilical connections
Looking down the length of the payload bay
Atlantis' left side
NASA meatball!
Dan checks out Atlantis' butt. Don't tell Katie.
Seeing the shuttle in person for the first time is really something else. Especially after knowing about it for years
I really can't get enough of this vehicle
Peering into the cockpit
Flight deck controls
It's a great looking cockpit
Star tracker cover
Wide angle on Atlantis
Engines and tail
Such an expansive thermal protection system
Dan loves the reentry slide
James' turn
The corner of Atlantis' wing
Checking out the STS-135 nose wheels
Looking back at the leading edge of the wing
What the hell is this?? Is Kennedy making fun of Goddard??
Time to pay our respects to Challenger and Columbia
Challenger debris
Columbia's windshield
It's a great presentation. Quiet. Tasteful. I like to just stand and look for a while
Closeup on the Columbia windshield
Torn metal
The grass..
Closeup on the Challenger debris
Structure under the outer layer
Hey the strongback is still leaned back from yesterday
39-A's looking pretty good after Falcon Heavy!
Closeup of the strongback
You can see just how far back it leans at liftoff
Saturn V!
Dan touched the moon rock
Time to see the new Apollo 1 exhibit.
Wow, Ed White's gas gun from his EVA
The exhibit here was tasteful but infuriating. Everything was behind these transparent TV screens that had unskippable videos. Unlike Challenger and Columbia you can't just stand and look and think
The outer cover on Apollo 1
All three doors on Apollo 1. This was the best shot I could get thanks to the constantly changing video
Closeup on the hatch
The inner hatch
It was a complicated mechanism
Neat projection on a smoke all
Dan and James on the Apollo catwalk
Apollo 14 CM Kitty Hawk, we meet again!
Nice looking Block II door
Armrest from Acquarius
Apollo filght manuals
Jim Lovell's flightsuit
Apollo 17 mission rules
Alan Shepard's Apollo spacesuit
Closeup on Shepard's suit
J-2 engines
I love all the weird little details all around it
Dan finally meets a Saturn V
Say "Liftoff!"
It's a great looking vehicle
Laying on the ground, looking up at the base of the S-IC
I always try to find new shots that I haven't already taken
Oops. Bringing kids around is tough
Laying on the ground, looking up at the base of the S-II
Oh no!!
It's John Blaha!
This time I got his autograph
What the hell??
Hey look it's that stupid fake rover
Expensive hat!
Dan can't reach the Mercury controls
Well that was fun
Cool X-15 visual
James doesn't want to be the commander. Dan's stoked for his EVA
Of course, right after this photo I joined them
Do you dare run through the fountain floor?
James takes his life in his hands
Dan isn't scared
Neat Alan Sheapard statue
Wow, this flag has seen some stuff. I wonder when they'll fly it next
It's cool seeing the asymmetrical wear on the Gemini heat shield
Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan's spacecraft
Closeup on Tom Stafford's controls
Primitive but reliable
I like the switch guards
I honestly can't tell if this is the ejection seat or where the seat goes
The front of Gemini IX-A
Closeup on the nose
Hey cool, Wally Schirra's jacket! And.. harmonica?
Gus Grissom's Mercury spacesuit
Virgil Ivan Grissom
The Mercury suits certainly have a distinctive look
Recreation of the Mercury control room. I'm not sure if these are the actual consoles or not
It's incredible what they did in the early 60s
The early goal was to fly three orbits
I wish I could've gotten a better version of this shot. I really love these helmets
Buzz Aldrin's report card!
Gene Cernan's report card!
What's up with this window on the Redstone rocket?
Sigma 7! Wally Schirra's home away from home for six orbits
Taking a look inside Sigma 7
Such a tiny little spacecraft
I like this funny AR projection of Gene Cernan bouncing around
The Astronaut hall of fame!
Dan loves NASA
Dan had fun
Hey we know Terra!
Bye James! Thanks!
Airport rules
You are viewing images from 02/07/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 135 pictures.
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