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Obligatory airplane shot
Is this a military base?
What year is thiS?
Mom with the flowers
Mom quickly hid her glasses as she walked out there
This place sells pizza. "Pie" is not a reasonable name for a pizza!
Macaroni likes the sun
Mom's new living room!
"Wow, look at that package. It looks like a mailbomb. Oh it's for you!" turns out it was a birthday gift from Aunt Teresa
Living room table
Funny little table
The card I got Mom
Mom's attempt at hiding the ugly old phone port
I can still see it
Little chickens outside the apartment
Walking around Portland
Mysterious cable on a telephone pole
Looking down towards the water
Can you believe it?
Funny little shops
Continuing to wander
Weird little furniture store
Boats stop here
Nice bike path!
Narrow gauge (aka non-compliant!) railroad
Hi Mom!
Construction stuff
I guess a pier went here?
Bird resting spot
Statue by the water
Mom and the train
All sorts of random equipment
Going for a walk
Graffiti truck
This train was moving super slow
Looking out at the boats
Mom explains where we are on the map
Nice stairway
I like the funny giant digital clock
Birthday gifts!
It's.. squiggle squares!
And a weird knife!
Becky's having fun
Funny little lobster figure
Salt and pepper shakers!
This lobster looks really enthusiastic
Becky and Nick
Lobsters go in the pot
Funny towel from Becky
Hi Becky
More little knives!
Mom's cool exposed ceiling
Accidental Becky model shot
Ah yes, the beer tree
Maybe next time
Ordering oysters or something
Nick bibs up
Wandering past the bars
Time to go home!
You are viewing images from 05/12/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 72 pictures.
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