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Topaz is in charge of navigation cause his signal is better
Looks like London, I guess
We'll come back ehre for lunch
So many chimneys
Hey they have a replica of Goddard's rocket!
The business end of a Black Arrow rocket from the British space program
A V2 engine
I think this is an RL-10 engine
This is a pretty half-hearted recreation of the lunar space suit.
Gemini model!
The zero-g adapter for a coke can
Looking up at the LM door
Hey I know that plaque
Captain payload!
Nice LM. Seems a little small though
Neat, an ion engine
This mask was somehow used in an x-ray telescope
Meanwhile, at Tony's house..
Ugh, the worst picnic
Topaz's collection
Don't drill a hole in your head
Topaz with one of Babbage's difference engines!
Output comes from here?
Neat printer
This calculator must have blown people away at the time. It makes me excited to see what my devices look like in 30-40 years
I forget what this does. Some sort of calculator, I think
This is a neat room
Someone should've consulted with the PR department first
Cool clock
Imagine maintaining this..
Better than the alternative
Topaz was way into the computer displays
Stolen from Jeff's house?
Tons of little cards!
Mining bitcoin?
So many wires
I feel like this UI could be improved
Old timey math books
Big manifold on the ceiling
It's crazy how back in the day a lot of stuff had to be dedicated hardware
I love that this is in a museum
Holy crap it's a cybiko!!! I never could get these to work very well
An Apple Newton. I've never seen one in person
I think Omar uses this computer for Overwatch
This is Tim Berners-Lee's computer! He used it to create the World Wide Web! It's the first ever web server
More details about the WWW and Berners-Lee's computer
Such a humble little box
Every nerd who's set up a web server is familiar with this sticker
This keyboard created the web!
Topaz had to get a photo with it
One of the first ever computer mice
Product of the year!
The Altair! This is what Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started on before Apple
Vic's new AMV server
Autoproducts prototype
Giant error message, with Topaz for scale
Early GPS receiver
I didn't realize atomic clocks could be so small!
Some sort of earth observation spacecraft
Radial engine
Engine, APU, engine
747 slice!
It's tall
It's Charlie Brown! The Apollo 10 Command Module
Flown to the moon and back by Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan, and John Young
The recovery hardware
More shots of Charlie Brown
RCS thrusters
I think the parachutes come out of these tubes
Crunchy heat shield
Lots of holes were drilled for analysis
This heat shield has seen some things
Busting out the wide angle
I want to touch it!
One can never have enough photos of Apollo hardware
It's too bad they lose the shiny exterior during entry
Of course, I got my photo with it
Topaz helped take some other group photos
Peeking inside at the controls
I'm not sure who sat in the middle but this is his headrest
Bundles of wires
Hey cool, a Cray-1!
So many cables
So many rivets!
Hey remember Apollo 10?
This V2 wouldn't fit in the room
A model of BepiColombo, the ESA's upcoming Mercury mission
Watson and Crick's actual DNA model!! It's a shame the plaque didn't mention Rosalind Franklin..
Babbage's Differential Engine Number 1!
Closeup on Babbage's engine
Model of the Huygens probe that landed on Titan
Topaz got some silicon! Time to get to work on a CPU
Funky mirror
You are viewing images from 06/03/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 97 pictures.
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