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I think this is the first pub we stayed at, the other day
British fire truck
Can you imagine working in this tiny little booth?
Heading down to the underground
Riding the Underground
Hey it's the Shard
I was grateful for these signs reminding people who aren't used to drive-on-the-left countries
Hey we made it!
It's the Tower of London!
And some sort of crazy glass egg!
Weird chairs
Those are some deep windows
Got my ticket
Slush Puppie!!
Don't worry, the stone lions are very slow
I think this is a moat
Well that's a tower, is the the towel?
This stuff is old
The Shard feels even more modern when in the Tower of London
Waiting for our tour
Topaz is ready for the tour to start
Our Yeoman tourguide was something else
Talking about the history of the tower
Our tour group
Piling in
"And if you look over there.. it's more really old stuff"
That's a lot of people per group
Crown Jewels, neat. Also, "way out" instead of "exit" is strange
Listening to our Beefeater guide
Don't hang out in Bloody Tower
Old rocks
Topaz is learning
Cool archways
Old crumbly walls
The White Tower. This apparently counted as a tower back in the day
Site of the old gate
Big raven
Lots of old buildings
I wasn't listening all that closely, but they may have said the Queen stayed or stays in one of these houses? I don't know. There are guards though
Big clock
Our guide liked to punctuate sentences with sudden unexpected yelling. It kept us on our toes
Modern guards
Fancy gun
This would fit in on a Minecraft server
It's that old crumbly wall again
Weird swoopy fence
The ravens!
Another angle on the White Tower
Old alley
Booooo, no photos allowed. I assume it's because they don't want people lingering but I can shoot and move!
Old land new
Looking out into the modern world
I probably should have written down who wore all this armor but whatever
Chunky dude
Lots of armor
Fancy gloves
I think it was the pole that killed him
This horse is FREAKING OUT
Can you imagine the pinches you'd get wearing this?
Saber from Fate would be a fan
Old timey books
The king's private church
I think this is that book from Gummi Bears
Oh no, sea ponies!
Topaz and the original blockchain
Old timey guns
This isn't even that old! It's just a fancy gun!
Narrow hallways
Scale model of the compound
Ye Olde Kinect
More old/new. That's a weird building
I think this was to represent people who were executed here?
I wonder how much longer this wall can last
Wandering around between the walls
I think these windows are set up to be able to shoot out of without getting shot
Inside the walls
A recreation of some king's bedroom
Narrow staircases
Big door
Fancy king
More fancy ceilings
I've heard dubious things about the structural integrity of this bridge
Wide angle shots are handy for getting a lot of the compound all at once
Don't use this on an iPad
Chess has been popular for a while
Well, tour's complete and we're back outisde!
Topaz and I had fun at the Tower of London!
You are viewing images from 06/04/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 93 pictures.
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