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Nice clean subway
Churchill looks like a real grump
British Parliament
Tall towers
Westminster Abbey
Hey Topaz, where are we?
Hey Cromwell, I know that guy
Is that an MP5? I have an airsoft version of one of those!
Intricate building
More of Westminster Abbey
Anti-Brexit protests
Richard Coeur de Lion. But I thought it was Monty Python's King Arthur at first
I wonder if anyone's ever tried to climb this
No nothing!
Nice shot of Parliament and Big Ben from the bridge
The London Eye
Big Ben looking good, even with the scaffolding
I love Mr. Pancake!
Tourist crap
Shrek's Adventure?
The London Eye is big
What happened to the old one?
This is an intense sculpture
Looking out over the Thames
How old is this camera?
Horse Guards??
This is a better ping pong table than we have at work
We were hoping that Cards Galore was a nerd shop but it's not
Mind your head and mind the gap
American Candy!
Cool graffiti
Bootleg NASA
Fun way to spend the afternoon
More cool building art
Camden Market
Seems to me like Times Square with a different accent
Looking down the street
The Cyberdog lobby
Heading downstairs
The music is exactly what you think it is
The Stables Market
Outside Cyberdog
This is a cool idea. Sort of inside, sort of outside
More tourist crap. But at least it's Japanese tourist crap
Holy crap, they meant it
Looking around the market
Nerd watches. Hunger games, Harry Potter..
These fancy donuts were not good
One of those classic double decker buses
Crypto ads on the underground
Going back up to the surface
Eww, gross
LEGO undergroudn?
Wow, full scale train car
Apparently you can only buy these here
The building is secretly made of LEGOs?
This doofus was taking photos with his iPad
This reminds me of Times Square
Wait, what?
No comment
Quiet little neighborhood
The Mayflower! This pub existed when the Mayflower left for the new world
See? You could see the Mayflower from its windows
It feels old in here
The Mayflower's bar
Old style ales
I'm really happy with how this shot came out. Right next to the back porch of The Mayflower
One more shot in The Mayflower on our way out
More historical information about The Mayflower
Outside The Mayflower
Topaz wouldn't get on this for a photo
Wait, what??
Thanks for the warning
Sounds like a party
Woogedy lines
I have never seen a sulphur hexafluoride warning sign before
Our last destination for today: The Prospect of Whitby
This was the oldest pub we could find in London. It was in business before the first permanent European settlements in North America
Inside The Prospect of Whitby
Ominous view out our window. People were actually hanged here back in the day
The view from our table
Topaz is really into this place
The Cyberdog bag seems out of place
The walls need some work
Our amazing dinner. Classic fish and chips and Guinness
Topaz talking to Kate
One more shot of the bar on the way out
The Prospect of Whitby!
Someone forgot to log in to the train
The entrance/exit to the subways
That's one hell of a gap to mind!
Cabling on the Underground wall
You are viewing images from 06/05/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 95 pictures.
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