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Heinous crime, even in Iceland!
The landscape has plumes of steam from hot springs
These electricity towers look pretty cool
We had to stop the van and wait for someone who got left behind, but we stopped in a pretty picturesque location
Topaz loves Iceland
I'm in Iceland!
More steaming hot springs and geothermal vents
Such a cool looking landscape
A lot of food is grown in greenhouses
Icelandic houses have some pretty intense insulation
Steaming landscape. Watch out for holes that might open in the ground!
I do not like the look on this pig's face one bit
Tour bus POV
How come Iceland gets to have a Quiznos??
Clouds and hills
I found a convenient place to put my tinny espresso cup
In a land of volcanoes and glaciers you encounter some pretty intense vehicles
Such low clouds
There's still some ice in the wrinkles of the hills that the sun doesn't reach
Gorgeous landscapes
Little waterfalls!
Lots of grass and moss, not many trees
Tall wispy waterfalll
You can see the mountain just sort of sliding away
I like the rock-guard trees. The tour guides say no house has ever been wiped out by a rolling rock but I guess no one wants to be the first
Hill? Mountain? You be the judge. Or ask a geologist I guess
We didn't have a ton of time, so rather than go up for an elevated view I went close to the waterfall
No drones! But Shiba Inus are ok
I'd be nervous about rolling rocks
That's a big waterfall
I think it looks nicer than Niagara Falls. Even with the tourists
You can just walk up to it!
Getting creative
Water vs ground
A tripod would've been handy
Topaz walking back from his waterfall close encounter
I hid under a little natural shelf
The water was churned up into little waves
It was loud and windy
These rocks are hanging in here
Peeking out from cover
How close can we get?
OK, this might be too close
Goodbye, Skogafoss!
A glacier!! We'll see more of this later. Or maybe it's another glacier, I can't remember
Everyone in the Dacia, we're heading to Pochinki!
Photographer Topaz
Photographer and photo!
One of our tourmates getting in close for a shot
Cool cliffs
I wonder if it gets old when you live here
These islands almost look like something out of a game
Bust out the wide angle
I love how the clouds lead to really different lighting conditions. The foreground is in sunlight and the hills are in shade
It's easier to see the lighting here
The beach!
You are viewing images from 06/10/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 61 pictures.
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