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It's a glacier!
The glacier used to be here but has been retreating. It's been retreating for a long time but it's gotten faster lately. When was the last time these rocks were exposed?
Lots of rocks and gouges in the landscape
Wandering out into the glacier path
A little rain nearby
Dirty ice
People are useful for scale around here
Big ice chunks floating
This moss and lichen is hanging in here
The glacier can be dangerous when pieces break off
Our tour guide asked us to not go past this sign but plenty of other people were down there. We scooted down for a quick look around but were ready to run
For scale, there is a small group of people on top of the glacier near the top-middle, just to the right
It's been a good trip! Topaz is a good traveling partner!
Trips are fun
I really can't get enough of this landscape
Science box?
Science.. drill?
Down at the water level, but just for a moment
Topaz didn't go all the way down to the water
Heading back up to safer ground
Ice and grass and dirt
Old rocks
And boulders! This is how boulders end up in random fields. Glaciers leave them behind
Ice and water shaping the landscape
Watch your step
What made that big crack?
Watch out for rolling boulders
These guys had bikes with super thick tires!
Goodbye, glacier!
More barren hills
Blue sky does exist here! And check out this truck heading across this thin bit of land!
One more waterfall
Pretty big!
Just sheets of water blasting the ground
Rock and water
Topaz and the waterfall
Of course, I got one too
Looking up at the waterfall
Topaz briefly ran down to ground zero
It didn't look pleasant
The slippery path to the waterfall
Behind the waterfall!
Lots of people stopping for photos
The last little path
Someone else clamoring back up
This is what the surface looks like when looking away from the waterfall
Just a quick shot because water was soaking the camera so quickly. In fact, later I had some trouble with some buttons malfunctioning but eventually fixed it
Waves of mist blasting off the water surface
Me and the back of the waterfall
So violent!
This rock is getting worn down
It was windy and noisy and wet
Back around the other side
Hey, no drones!
Well that was fun
Let's try some weird Icelandic drinks and snacks from our tour guide!
This was fine
You are viewing images from 06/10/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 57 pictures.
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