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yatpay took this to demonstrate the risks of integer overflows in camera UIs.
The area around our hotel. It was this bright and this cloudy regardless of the time of day.
View from our tour van.
This is what the landscape looks like forever in every direction. It's like a barely-terraformed Mars.
Continental divide. Very touristy.
Incredible view, though.
This boardwalk is great because the rocks are sharp and slippery.
Geyser water; it comes out at 100C, so even here downstream it's extremely hot.
I love these foggy alien landscapes.
Surprisingly, the path and the boiling water are not very far apart.
yatpay waiting to catch the geyser erupt.
This pool was constantly steaming and fogging up the camera. Getting this shot required a lot of patience, just the right wind direction, and luck.
Such a cool color!
Meanwhile, over in the boiling pools of doom...
This is why yatpay has no fingerprints any more.
We were slightly ahead of schedule so we got to visit the tiny horses!
Nobody doesn't love the tiny horses.
Like I said, this is the landscape everywhere, forever in every direction. This path leads to Gullfoss, a huge waterfall!
Gullfoss! I went all the way down to the lower area; it was worth the hike.
The river disappears into a super pretty ravine; this is one of the places you can't easily capture in pictures.
yatpay demonstrates proper technique.
This volcano is also a lake! A lakeano! I went all the way down to the viewing area at the surface.
Nearby cinder cones that aren't lakes.
The view from the lake; you can also walk all the way around the ridge.
The walk around the ridge; yatpay is taking it all in.
Hooray! Iceland!
A little stripmall we stopped at.
This is Skogafoss, one of the largest Fosses in Iceland. Nobody has built a larger Foss since. Nobody knows what a Foss is.
At this distance you still get wet pretty quickly; the camera doesn't show just how much moisture is in the air.
The waterfall distracts people from the rest of the incredible scenery.
I waited to get this shot of the paraglider landing.
This is Reynisfjara, a famous black sand beach with huge hexagonal basalt columns just like Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland has.
Big glacier! It's much bigger in person.
I tried to get shots of yatpay since there aren't many mirrors in most of his pictures.
Tour Guide: Don't go too far! Don't go down to the water! yatpay: Okay, I'm going to go past the barrier and touch the water. (JP note: it was a small sign, not a barrier!)
I bet it was worth it, though.
I'm pretty sure this is one frame in a rapid-fire sequence of yatpay walking past me.
This is Seljalandsfoss. I stood under it and got so wet that my phone wouldn't turn on.
yatpay took this photo to prove how cool he is.
It's okay to zone out after a long day, even if it's during a "vacation"!
This little convenience store was several meals. It was actually very good food!
yatpay took this photo to show a new battle scar. (Drying out water that got under the dial and made it malfunction)
yatpay took this to demonstrate proper technique for drying off a very wet camera.
You are viewing images from 06/10/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 45 pictures.
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