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The scary TONS machine
Squirrel in the backyard!
I have left my mark on these cubes
Fancy new leather iPad case
I really like it! The pencil holder isn't designed with my sleeve in mind so I needed to stretch it out
New glasses day!
How I transport the LEGO Saturn V
The HVAC guy opened up my HVAC unit. Now I know its secrets
Hey.. what the hell?
See that pipe that goes nowhere? That's why this thing is leaking
The main cooling unit
This looks.. gross
This makes my house livable
One more shot
Dan tries out the 3d photo
I guess my neighbor is getting a new roof
Looking good, Dan. These are the temporary sunglasses I got when I had my eyes tested
Tesla Model 3 spotted in the wild!
Please leave the witness foil alone
Uhh.. Building 29, care to explain the "TEST Hole"?
Dan and Dan
Dan scooted away
My lawn has gotten pretty bad
I took some "before" photos since I finally hired a lawn guy
So long
This would've been a really cool shot if I had noticed the framing
The backyard is out of control. I checked what that plant is and it's not weed. Though it's probably a weed
The side yard is completely feral
Rogue trees
Oh god, what is that, wheat?
All cut!
It's a miracle!
I didn't even know there was a little fence back there!
Back, back wilds!
This is the look Neil gives me whenever he sees me in the backyard
Feral side yard tamed!
Grass debris. Looks like a tornado swept through
"Why are you taking my picture??"
Dan and Tom!
My new desk on Restore-L!
Giant mountain of pizza!
This guy is a notable solar dynamics expert but I don't want to use his name cause it'll probably draw Google searches here
Fascinating to hear the history of solar dynamics
An award from Bob!
Dry ice remains fun
And distracting
"Hey Joe, fix the origami ball!"
He can't
Petusky's got a ball as a "I'm moving on-site" gift
Justin and Dan came and found me in my office to prove that they could get in
A big branch fell down nextdoor!
It's raining so hard!
Uhh.... please stay off the porch
Getting bloodwork done!
These are some pretty intense clouds
New gutter extensions
Tom explaining stuff
Goddard bike!
I guess we should have tested the TV to make sure it works BEFORE putting it on the wall
I finally framed my Terra, Aqua, and Aura patches
I put it near the piano
Neil's so relaxed
Buzz is so asleep
I have begun moving in!
You are viewing images from 07/31/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 66 pictures.
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