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Hey it's that hot new anime everyone's always takling about
I tried making my photo lighter so it'd show up better. Didn't really work
Stuff, you say?
Welcome to the VAT
This chair is all about posture
Is it just me or is this aspect ratio off
Topaz is king of the hallway
Elevators are fun
Is this the loading dock?
Whoa. The Dragon Ball booth is nuts
Dragon dragon, rock the dragon, cha la head cha la
"Release us.... nowwww"
Trying to find where the heck Vic's van is
Big bucket of merch incoming
Hey it's that place where we are
Wandering around the loading dock. Keep an eye out for forklifts!
Sweet livery
Well, we're back at the original loading dock
We found him!
This year's van art
Merle lent Vic the Extreme Teen Bible for the weekend
The Mckeed-shaped hole in the van
We're loading on the roof now, eh?
That device allows Mckeed to buy and sell bitcoin with his mind
Important box!
This year I wasn't quick enough on getting on the server, so I took photos instead
Don't scrape off the buttons!
Manga? (Bottom row)
Hi Will
Lots of radios
I am completely covered in radios
Anthony measures stuff out
Fixing the speaker
Robyn checks the projector alignment
Alright this joke might be getting old
Omar practices his "talking to teens" chair technique
I like this year's signs. Straightforward and requires no explanation
Wiring up the server
Vic swings by to inspect
Vic and Amanda on the move
Whoa, our new professional AV tech buddy has some fancy lights
Sound Gal Jen!
Assembling the monitor
Amanda is having fun
Power equipment?
This is where we'll show the contest. Not the greatest room. But thanks to the not-so-great time slot it shouldn't fill all the way.
Ice is a food?
Clean Box Amateur wasn't good enough
We were getting ground hum or static or something
The ballots!
Vic knows how to coil cable
Gengar's got your bathroom pass again
Calibration time
This year's obligatory "Vic in an Elevator" photo
Are there ghosts, Vic?
The AMV Theater sign if up!
Practicing for panelists
Shiny projector
Testing the projector and winding down with some Ultimate Chicken Horse
You are viewing images from 08/09/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 60 pictures.
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