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We take preparation pretty seriously in the AMV Department
Whoa, Android 18 car
And other anime cars
This Fallout van is pretty cool too
All the stores covered up before business hours
The Otakon museum
So many wall scrolls
The dragon protects the store
B4 from NieR
Handing out ballots
It's the new intro!
I scooted up to the balcony for a few photos
Mel is surprised by pencils
The new video player. Weird! It's not MCI Player!
Amanda is so spooky
Spooky Gengar Amanda
Will has some ballots
Kravitz and Taako!
Will and I swear that this arrow used to point the other way.. then it somehow changed. We're scared.
Who needs some oxygen?
I don't do drugs
Even Pikachu is cosplaying!
Topaz. Want. Noodle.
Anthony's fine
The view from the inflatable furniture in the staff lounge
Is dis de lobby?
Better turnout for the space talk this year than last
Talking about space in the hallway afterwards
This pizza place just.. doesn't want money. How do they not extend their hours during Otakon??
Rock Lee!
I felt bad that this guy caught me taking his photo twice, but it's just so funny seeing him go through the weapons check
"Yeah, he's taking my picture again, send help"
Strange fights in the halls
The Dealer's Room!
Aww. Sad banner. I think I bought a sticker or something as thanks for letting me take this picture
Wait a minute..
Good times at Iron Editor
The Iron Editor theme this year was Back to School, hence Mel's teacher costume
Making sure the booth is all set
In case you forgot you were at an anime con
I wonder what channel this hotel lobby TV is typically on
Time for my stint working the board
These little indicators on the right were a good idea
I'm going to blame Brakus for that one
This is what the screen sees
The official AMV winners ballot
The most Alan photo I've ever taken
Mel agrees
Photo shoots started organizing outside the VAT. It was loud but brought in a lot of people
Bjork?? Here??
Otakon sign!
Bryce waves to his subjects
We're back at VGNY! But now in DC!
One of these might be my Dreamcast. I sold it to these guys a few years ago.
Well now I want to
That's a big sword
The always busy escalators
I love seeing anime cons leaking into the real world
This looks like a fun job. No it doesn't.
These lit-up stairs are really popular for photos
The hotel lobby
Hey it's that guy I am
What cosplay is this?
This guy was asking questions after the space panel, so I said "Hey you're the guy from the space panel!" and he goes "No wait, YOU'RE the guy from the space panel!"
I can see you
The hallway behind the AMV Theater
Topaz needs to chill out. Mel needs to dance
Light stairs!
It's a very colorful lobby. I wonder what it's like when there's snow up there
The Rakka badge from 2003
Seeing the soda being made makes it sort of gross. Well, more gross
T-rex Mario!
This... seems like.. I think I should probably not be staff near this
OK, I definitely have to go
Princes Zelda!
Creepy creepy egg cosplay!
Neat Protoman helmet
This guy is king of the panelists
Pikachu dance!
Chilling in the booth
Somehow we got F1-style marbles over the course of the weekend. Little bits of carpet being kicked up
I don't know what this costume is but it sure looks neat
As is tradition, we finish off the year with Come Sail Away
Hi Omar
Mel's new hedgehog is packed and ready to go
I caught this fantastic Nausicaa cosplayer when dropping off my radio
You are viewing images from 08/12/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 90 pictures.
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