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Vic is very particular about proper cable-coiling technique
Amanda pulls the cables out of the booth
So many cables
Mel found.. a gross
Don't drop the speaker!
Closeup of the giant screens in the lobby
Feedback panel!
Big fancy cameras
Hey we know that Andy
Mark your calendars, everyone
Time to take questions
Oh god, please take one
Empty VAT
Carrying the last of the stuff back to the hotel room
Time to wait for the staff photo and the dead dog
Vic capsizes as the effort of the last few weeks all hits him at once
Good job, Vic
Nice picture of Amanda. Not so nice picture of Brakus
The rare Anthony photo
The old shirt is better
AMV department chilling on the steps
Hey it's Kit! Have we seen him all weekend?
The Otakon madness has finally gotten to Vic
Everyone pose!
Hey Omar! Get down there!
Mckeed sprinted to the front of the Dead Dog line
Everyone else got caught in the traffic jam
Robyn tries to hide from the camera
Robyn really regrets sitting directly across the table from me, where photos are easy. She moved right after this picture
As usual, the fine folks at the dealers room gave us some stuff to play with that no one was going to buy
Uhhh, definitely no one is going to buy this
What they hell?? Why is this a product??
Oh boy
I uh.. hmm.
Hey that's not so bad. A nice little figure!
Anime cons!
Someone's had a little too much
I hope this isn't supposed to be assembled into a person
Topaz's stealth cosplay
Lots of people having fun building stuff
Hey that's pretty neat
OK, I know the dead dog is free but... man. What..
"Otakon and the Goblet of Potatoes"
This is just gross! But the corn bread was good..
Time to debrief and loaf around
Overall a great year!
Who's ready for breakfast??
Vic's just running on autopilot, he left all his mental energy in the VAT
Brakus and Will want breakfast
No, I did not pay $6,400 for breakfast. The hotel cafe had a little uh-oh when entering my bill. Luckily they were able to void it and we had a good laugh
You are viewing images from 08/13/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 50 pictures.
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