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Matt at the SSDIF
Hey, these look familiar
Me with a mockup of the back of Landsat 7
Matt for scale
Matt is flying to space
Cool DeLorean just hanging out
Oh no, the train crashed!
Dork patrol. (Can I join dork patrol?)
What a fancy dude
Whoa, Romulus and Remus. Welcome to the National Gallery of Art!
Matt likes art
Some of the statues are really incredible
This is marble!!
How do people make this stuff?
Matt checking stuff out
This kid is not into this monkey
Even the frames are works of art
Matt knows how to pose
Matt with his buddy Rembrandt
Closeup detail on the paint
Is this Waluigi???
Holy crap, what is wrong with this kid??
A da Vinci painting!
Matt gets in close to really examine it
Neat fountain
Pictures in pictures
Yeah, me too
Matt with another one of his art inspirations: Vincent van Gogh
Slow day in the art studio.. let's paint a mound of butter
Whoa, it's cool actually seeing paintings that I've seen replicated so many times
That's a big camera
The modern art is kept in here
Matt's head is sliding off
I couldn't really convey the cool motion these lights were making
Matt had a lot of stuff in his pockets
Of course, I dragged Matt around the Air and Space museum and took pictures of everything. Friendship 7!
Peering into Gemini IV
Off-center reentry
I like to zoom in so the photo looks like maybe it was taken on the moon
Maybe a decent wallpaper?
Another look at Gemini IV
I love the screws and washers
Always read the warning labels on ejection seats
LM-2's door
Looking into the Soyuz
Closeup on the hose hookups on David Scott's suit
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Big line to get into Skylab
Hey I went there!
Be careful with the ELS switch when manually dumping propellant
Gene Cernan's suit. The last suit on the moon. (Or is this a training suit?)
I think this is Skylab 4's CM
The ergometer!
Switches in Skylab
Looking up into the Orbital Workshop
Wall toilet
Floating can!
Don't forget your special shoes for hooking into this
Matt loves Skylab
Let's got to the National Portrait Gallery!
Pretty kitty
Henrietta Lacks! She lives on.. sort of
I can get behind this sign
Cool roof in the atrium or whatever
Apollo 8!
Matt wanted to check out a tourist garbage shop
Tourist garbage!
There's no snow in sight, but these trucks are setup so people can't drive into the crowd
Matt and Washington
The White House has more fences than it used to
Matt loves America!
Matt hates trump
Washington and Jefferson
What it actually looks like outside the White House
"Can I take your picture?" "Well.. I can't really stop you"
Secret Service dog!
The Capitol down the road
Matt meets Neil
Matt's first time in VR
VR is pretty cool
You are viewing images from 08/19/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 87 pictures.
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