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All aboard the nightmare bus. Time to aimlessly drive around for an hour while people get sea sick
We made it to the church!
Strange church
Instead of pews it was like.. little enclosures
The organist has an iPad!
Uncle Stephen checks out the bell
Who's ready for a wedding?
Aunt Meredith is having a super good time
I like Melissa's fancy rainbow hair. I think Alexis does too
Pull the rope! But be careful!
Becky, Nicole, and bridesmaids I don't know
Mom and daughter hug!
Nick and Becky!
Nick and Becky.. but slightly closer!
Mom and Becky!
It's bright out
Cool cool Becky
Greg and Emma
Stephen and Dani
Aunt Kathy and Becky
Mom and Kathy
Uncle Chris and Aunt Teresa
I love taking pictures of people taking pictures
Three generations!
Uncle Stephen shows Juliet.. I don't know, walls?
Brandon supervises Sully's exploration of the railing
Alright, back in the nightmare bus
Whoa, fancy car for Melissa and Alexis
All the reception tables were named after bands
Aunt Meredith and Uncle Peter make their entrance!
Haha, I like Johnny's entrance
Becky is pumped
So is Nicole
First dance!
Uncle Peter makes a speech
Caitlin has really nailed her "mom face"
The groomsmen had a whole skit
Becky and Juliet love selfies
Uncle Bud and Melissa!
Laughing before the group photo
Say cheese!
I don't know who these people are but they are enthusiastic
Hey it's Caitlin and Brandon!
And then the fire alarm went off at 3am
And apparently I grabbed my camera on the way out?
Brunch the next day!
Aunt Teresa makes goofy faces for Juliet
Melissa's here!
And who's that ambling in? Nick and Becky!
You are viewing images from 09/01/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 51 pictures.
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