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Nothing strange here. Just Vic packing a bunch of Move controllers into a lunch box
Bryce supervises Amanda's seat installation
There. Now Bryce and I don't have to just roll around on the floor in the back
Vic's house is from the future
Bryce like beer
Amanda and Vic also like beer
Tony's got a horn and he knows how to use it
Vic is amazed by Bryce's pretzel-mustarding technique
Mmm, Tony pizza
Mmmm, beer made by Tony
Team lawn
Vic brought his own gigantic stein
Tony considers his next move
Amanda considers the pretzels
I like the funny little cheese hut. It's there to protect from bugs
Vic is ready for drinking
Keith is practically cosplaying at this point
James and baby
Emily and different baby
Tony and not his baby
Now the baby has a hat!
The hat is a little big
That baby's got his eye on me
Matching hats? Almost
James and baby are on team hat
Oh no! A challenger appears!
This baby was fascinated by the camera
Uhh.. hello
Koda looking more suspicious than ever
"Hey kid!"
Listen hard, Koda
OK, now Koda looks like a normal dog
Hey everyone.. it's Koda!
Why are we looking up One Piece?
Tony: Bringer of Booze
Amanda has a weird leather cup
Steph liberates the cheese from its anti-bug shield
Steph's here!
I think Tony is making meth
More bottles!
Koda checks out the grass
Scary yawn, Koda
Koda and Tony
No, you're not allowed to investigate my bag
Oh no. Oh NO. It's Brett
Brett and Koda
Bryce, caught in the act
Nerds in the backyard
Time for nerd tag?
Vic's got a whole self-contained system here
Bryce is ready to battle
Brett is ready for spooky stories
Amanda is ready to protect her drink
Vic.. doesn't seem ready
Amanda was unbeatable. No one could knock her over!
Protect the beer!
Amanda knocks another opponent off balance
Nerd tag at night!
Time for some night stump
We took turns holding flashlights
Starting another round
Moody Koda
Crazy Koda
This complete idiot had a bright glittering crystal bird hanging from their rear view mirror. Are you kidding me??
Vic got all excited when he realized we were driving past this place: Harold's
Their whole thing is completely unreasonably large food
They're VERY big
Bye, Harold's
Vic insisted I have my sandwich while it was still warm so I had to assemble it in the back seat like a crazy person
You are viewing images from 09/16/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 73 pictures.
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