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Hello, Skylab
Pressure meter on David Scott's spacesuit
Suit hookups
David Scott's suit!
America's first (attempted) satellite. Oops.
Hey cool! A piece of Sputnik! Who is Arthur Dula and why did he have it?
Mike Melvill's flight suit!
And helmet
A full size mockup of the bipod foam that struck Columbia's wing
LM ascent engine
We waited too long to get a glimpse at the cockpit of a 747
The camera that Pete Conrad and Alan Bean cut off of Surveyor 3!
That sure is a good looking block of aerogel. Just, you know, if you wanted to license it or something.
X-15 #3
Looking down at LM-2
Topaz and I like space
Topaz checks out Gemini IV
The very moment Topaz noticed a bunch of helicopters behind me
And there they are!
Topaz and the Capitol
Capitol building
It's bigger than it seems
And here we are!
Fancy dome. And recently visible again since the scaffolding is gone
Topaz and the Capitol
Looking back down the Mall
Hey look it's the White House!
Oh.. right.. the White House makes Topaz sad these days
Washington Monument
Looking down the Mall at the Capitol
The Lincoln Memorial is popular
So many people!
Wow, this lady was ahead of the times. I'm captioning this in April 2019 and Biden's been in trouble for this kind of behavior
Nice flag
Vietnam statues
Exploring Martin Luther King's memorial
Martin Luther King
Jefferson Memorial
Here comes a helicopter!
It's loud
The Washington Monument during Golden Hour looks nice
Jefferson Memorial in the sunset
More people exploring
He's got a fancy spotlight
Plane and moon
You are viewing images from 10/13/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 51 pictures.
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