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The Udvar-Hazy Center is shiny
Old planes are weird
I like the funny little circle around the cockpit
Yeah these all look super safe
This is the plane that first dropped atomic weapons on humans. It's weird that it's just.. there
The Enola Gay
Interesting windows on the Enola Gay
I made Mom look at the floor as I walked her to the front of Discovery.. then told her she could look up
Hello, friend
Mom is impressed
Discovery's hatch
Always good to see OV-103 in person
Mom snaps a few of her own shots
The end effector of the RMS
Discovery's aft portion
I see you, TDRS
These tiles have seen some stuff
This is where propellant for the main engines flows from the external tank
Discovery's underbelly
Thermal protection tiles!
Rear RCS
I think Mom was caught off guard by the scale
Fake SSMEs. Thanks, SLS
Me with a spacecraft that uses a similar bus as Restore-L
Discovery and TDRS
A backup version of the Apollo Telescope Mount on Skylab!
The actual Spacelab!
The back of the Apollo Telescope Mount
Anita??? They actually brought back this poor spider that was sent to Skylab
One of the early TDRS satellites
A model of Pathfinder and Sojourner! Imagine this in a giant Martian plain
The orbiter is just such a gorgeous flying vehicle
Looking along the leading edge
I like the little patch of high temperature tiles on the OMS pod
Gordon Cooper's helmet.. during training at least
Jim Irwin's helmet and gloves, worn on the surface of the moon
Jim Irwin's actual spacesuit that he wore on the surface of the moon
Gemini and Mercury boots
Hey it's MMU 3! This is what Bruce McCandless was operating during his famous photo
Mercury-Atlas 10, aka Freedom 7 II. It would've been Alan Shepard's mission to fly if they hadn't decided to end Mercury in favor of getting started on Project Gemini
Forward section of Discovery
Looking back on Discovery's right wing
MMU 3!
I love how the wing merges into the main fuselage
Detail show on the tiles
The Rogallo Wing! Never quite worked like they hoped..
Mom with Discovery!
Mom and Discovery are basically best friends for life now
I never noticed these little crosses on the nose before!
The seam of the forward RCS module is really obvious
Important doors
Behold... scissors!
Check out this CD player that flew in space twice!
Various photo equipment
I like the "off-white with colorful buttons" look
I have no idea what this engine is because I forgot to take a picture of the placard!
The V-2 engine! You can see all the combustion "pots" at the top
The Navaho engine! This project didn't really go anywhere but it sparked basically all of modern rocketry
Ooo, a Mercury attitude control thruster
Wind tunnel model of the Apollo CM with LES
Discovery's left side
Looking up on the big RCS thrusters
Mom insisted I take a shot of the weird old ugly satellites
She said they look like Christmas ornaments, which I can definitely see
That is certainly one big chunk of space hardware
Looking down on Pathfinder and Sojourner. You can see Sojourner's funny little ramps
You can really see the line where surfaces were more exposed to harsh reentry conditions. Leading from the front right to the back left
Umbilical connections
Body flap
Hey! What's this random capsule being worked on? From this angle I'm not sure if it's Mercury or Gemini
Discovery looking good
I could honestly just stare at it all day
See you, space cowgirl
Oh also, there are apparently other airplanes in the museum
The SR-71 engine is pretty amazing
As is the rest of the SR-71
The pressure suit worn by SR-71 pilots
This is the spacesuit apparatus worn by Alan Eustace as he quietly broke the record for highest skydive
It's practically a spaceship
And here's the capsule that Felix Baumgartner rode to altitude before starting his own high altitude skydive
Red Bull certainly got a lot of publicity from this
I remember this view from the live stream!
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