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The National Cathedral is a pretty neat building
There's a space-themed stained-glass window!
That dark thing in the center is an actual moon rock
Carl hooked me up with the tickets, but hid from the camera
The view from our original seats. We later found better ones
Apollo 8 artifacts on display
The Apollo 8 flight plan!
Whoa, Moonrise signed by the entire Apollo 8 crew. That's incredible
You can barely see my yellow bag near the left, that's where we originally sat
My ticket! Black and white since it was just too blue
Impressive building
Hey it's that event we're at!
National Cathedral, all in blue
Tall ceilings
What'd you call me?
Neat architecture
Columns and arches everywhere you look
We found a side area that didn't have the best angle but was much closer to the speakers.
The choir
Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator
It's Jim Lovell!! I haven't been this close since I met him as an 8 year old (or some time around then)
Jim Lovell eventually had to stop the audience from applauding
Jim Lovell is the only person to fly to the moon twice without walking on it
Continuing to talk about the impact of Apollo 8 and of reading Genesis from lunar orbit on Christmas Day, 1968
Pilot for Gemini VII, Command Pilot for Gemini XII, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 8, and Commander of Apollo 13
It took some guts to be on the first flight to leave the Earth
Apollo 8, which had no lunar module, had no lifeboat capability like that which later saved the crew of Apollo 13
It was a real honor to see Lovell speak
On his way out, Lovell walked within about a foot of me. If I didn't think it would get my friend in trouble, I would've reached out for a handshake. It was very tempting.
It's the moon!
You are viewing images from 12/11/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 33 pictures.
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