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Mom loves her Christmas tree
Pictures of pictures!
It's a nice Christmas tree setup. First Christmas in Portland!
Macaroni settles in for some table-lounging
Oh no! Macaroni's lounging has been interrupted!
How rude, Mom
Macaroni settles on chewing wrapping paper
Nick and Becky are ready to open presents
I got Mom some chicken art! She loves that stuff!
What'd Becky get?
Becky love shirt
Some sort of charm?
More weird art blocks, haha
Becky loves the mug I got her
Though I don't think she'll bring it to work
The sun glare tried to censor the mug
Mom made Becky a unicorn!
What to name it??
Mom joins the latest cooking trend sweeping the nation
Maraconi loves Christmas cause there's so much apper
Catch the paper!
Becky had an issue with the Amazon order for some of my gifts.. so just gave me pictures, haha
Mom got a massage thing from Becky
Is it comfy?
Shoulder massage!
I hid a box for Becky in the hallway.. what could it be?
It's the beach chairs she wanted!
Yaaay, beach chair!
Whoa, don't lounge too hard, Becky
Becky is so excited for beach chairs
We can't go right now
You can wear it like a backpack and carry all you need for the day!
I got Mom an illustration of Portland
Mom's building is somewhere in here
I didn't get to play with my yellow controllers that day, but they basically haven't left my Switch since they arrived! Love them!
Mom's got a new hat
And a backpack!
Nice backpack
Becky's got more stuff
It's.. some weird folding shoe that Becky was very excited about
Becky loves folding shoes
Holy crap! Mom got me an Apollo command module replica!
This completes the set, along with Mercury and Gemini from previous years
It's gorgeous. And gets lots of comments at work. Thanks, Mom!
It's specifically Columbia, the CM from Apollo 11
Becky has a side gig modeling vests
Mom got me a photo printer so I immediately printed one of the photos from earlier that day
Now that is a Christmas ham.
You are viewing images from 12/23/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 51 pictures.
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