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Time to cook dinner
Dan reviews the Bondcon run card. Now we know how to turn on the projector!
Amanda's in the gaming zone
Vic has things to say
That's right, we dragged the instant pot up to New Jersey
Dan is helping
Amanda wants cookies
Hanging around
I got Bryce this Muk art
Present time!
I got Bryce soap that looks like chicken wings! Why? Because it's so strange and funny
Who took this picture?
Just two planeswalkers duking it out
Amy is Brett's magic advisor
There's a lot going on here
Annalise consults with Pusheen
Fancy fiber optic bows
Sam! Or Dean! One of those cats
Topaz is finally free of Advent of Code so is diving into Exapunks
For Christmas I got Albert an Umbrella Corp ID badge
Games are fun
Brett's representing New Mexico
Erika's here!
"So the thing about weird figurines is.."
Peter practicing for chip ads
I got Vic and Amanda this Switch stand they wanted. It's nice but sort of tough with the screen
The gang in Video 1 were playing some sort of insane electronic card game
What is even going on here?
More magic! Who will win?
Brett seems happy with his cards
Topaz is at maximum Topaz
DDR in the basement!
I took a page out of the Mythbusters book and vandalized one of Vic's boxes
We are a classy bunch. Yes, these are microwaved White Castle
So many people are in the basement!
Step step!
Let's not help Dan
Annalise stole my bed! Yes, I slept in the basement cause it was clean and non-spidery and much cooler than the hot upstairs
What.. game are you playing, Bryce?
Meri and Mike don't need to be on the DDR mat to dance
DDR observation platform
DDR is fun
What is Bryce thinking about? Brett doesn't know
Waiting to play DDR
Meri and Mike dance with style
Vic and Amanda's turn to dance
Brett stole the camera and took a new LinkedIn photo
Uhh.. hi, Brett
More games!
Full living room
The traditional IHOP
Good ol' Stinkface Amanda
You are viewing images from 01/06/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 52 pictures.
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