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Dawn is at 6:57am today, so we've got a little less than an hour to take some pre-dawn shots
Joe sets up next to the reflecting pool
It's really cool being here when no one is around. Well, no one but other photographers
The Washington Monument and the Capitol!
Zooming in on the Capitol. Joe let me borrow his telephoto
Dawn at the Vietnam Memorial
Names and reflections
It's a pretty powerful visual
Joe gets low to get the shot
30 minutes until sunrise, we're starting to get some cool colors
Joe takes his version of the reflection shot
Orange and purple
It's really gorgeous at this time of day
Hey Abe
Joe lines up his next shot
Camera settings before dawn
Click click click
Joe's got a fancy tripod
More reds coming
Photos of photos!
Where.. is.. Joe going. Joe goes where he wants!
The clouds add a lot
Other photographers line up their own shots
These colors are worth getting up for
Contrails lighting up
Hey you! Are you the one making all the contrails!
Light reaches the base of the Washington Monument
The tip is still dark
Reflecting pool reflecting
Joe took a shot like this and it ended up on the Washington Post's website. But he also got it online later that morning, not six months later like me
Just look at these colors!
Clouds at different altitudes getting different colors
Abraham Lincoln getting some sun
The sun has been up for about 8 minutes, so we can start to see it!
Joe and Lincoln
The silly things photographers do to get the right shot
The light slowly makes its way across the Lincoln statue
Morning colors. Oh and did I mention it's freezing? Cause it's freezing.
This might be the moment Joe got that Washington Post shot
Looking out on the dawn
A lot more pinks and light oranges now
Blue sky!
"Neat" *snap*
It's a beautiful morning
Textured clouds
Well that was fun. PS I'm sure Joe loves this photo
This is where Dr. Martin Luther King stood when he gave his "I Have a Dream" speech!
Looking back on the Lincoln Memorial
One more peek at the Capitol. Cooperate and get some work done!
Joe tries to tempt a friendly squirrel
Hello squirrel. I've got nothing for you
You are viewing images from 02/17/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 51 pictures.
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