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The Washington Monument with some ominous clouds appoaching
Now it's a Saturn V!
Lots of people like space
Now if they would just turn around and register that support with the white building with the dome..
This is really really cool
This guy is gigantic!
Finally caught a little lightning in the approaching thunderstorm. Luckily it just missed us
Guys, it's a Saturn V
Please stop standing up
Saturn V on the mall!
Almost time for the show to start
This is a very narrow place to assemble a rocket
It's launching! Some stupid part of me expected it to continue off the top of the monument
I think that's a life-sized CSM/S-IVB
The thunderstorm is coming!
The lights were really great
Let's keep getting closer!
Lots of cops
I don't think people were allowed to walk this close to the real Saturn V when it was being fueled
Hey. It's a Saturn V
I wonder if that's how high the MLP really was
We're so far forward here that in the second showing we couldn't hear any of the music or rocket noise
Pretty lights
They could've made it a little taller!
Now it's giant vacuum tube
Sunset at night
Away it goes
The LM is landing!
That's a big footprint
Let's see how close I can get
I got this close
Looking back up the mall
Well that was fun. Time to head back
Saturn V peeking over the trees
It seems weird that this equipment was just out in the open, especially with the thunderstorm approaching
Yeah I'm sure this would tolerate water. Note the box fan.. it was hot
One last look back
There was an event in the Air and Space Museum but the line was too long so I went home
You are viewing images from 07/20/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 42 pictures.
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