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Mel and Topaz like Codenames
Topaz has a fun
Topaz has a snack
Buzz's CEO photo
Come here, Neil!
Who wants a treat?
The cats are ten years old today! Happy birthday, Neil and Buzz!
This is the moment that Dan realized he left his wallet in his car.. at my house
The con before ours was some right-wing thing. So there were a lot of red hats with white text
Robyn has a shirt
Dan tries to find some stray cell signal
He's got his badge!
Now this is a crew
Waiting for Vic and Amanda to arrive with the van
Oh snap!
The van is completely solid at this point
Robyn preps for the server move
All empty!
Will brings in the first load of equipment
Second load
Get out the run book
Dan samples the weird new hallways chairs
oh my
Don't tell me how to live!
This seems safe
I am full of radios
Everyone look like you know what you're doing, Vic's here!
Dan wires up his radio
Vic is distressed to find that we haven't done anything wrong for him to gripe about
I got a picture of Anthony and Robyn at the same time! They make it so difficult. Two for one special!
Mel discovered that "person shouting from the runbook" is a super handy role
You can tell Vic has been burned before
Model puppy
What.. happened here
Dan's ready for his first Otakon
Fixing the wiring
Goddamnit, Mel
Finalizing the setup
Topaz supervises Vic setting up Featured Events
Vid Gal Jen!
Our new TV for the blue/red group is a little smaller
It's the 2019 VAT!
So many seats
How does the server work again?
This reminds me of that crane shot of mission control in Apollo 13
I love Lamen
AMV team dinner!
You can't hide, Robyn!
I finally got my 10 year Otakon pin!
This photo is a work of art. I'm putting Dan, Mel and Anthony's names in here just so my lazy search system can find this photo.
Mel hates these chairs
Laptop test time
Are we done yet?
VAT Lounging
Topaz trying to get the wireless mic to break
Topaz has had a long day
You are viewing images from 07/25/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 56 pictures.
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