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Booth life
Random Otakon hallway shot
Pepsi Man!!
My liege
So many nerds want pizza
Decent turnout for the space panel
Your color is red, you are in the red group, you are in the red group, go to the red light, go to the red light you are in the red group
The concert next door ended and they turned the lights on for the entire room, forgetting that we had the back quarter. This was a minor crisis
Vic, where's your real ghostmeter?
Topaz has the ballots
Bowsette Amanda!
The new Featured Events booth sticks out so I can just look right at the audience. It's weird
Ballot harvest
"r" for best in show! (Yes, we recorded a 1)
Vic demos his weird persistent vision LED strip thing by setting Programming on fire
Dan and Mel seem to be getting along
This is what it's like to take pictures of Mel
Anyone lose their kazoo?
This guy's photo rig is so insane I had to get a photo
These guys seem familiar..
Yeah of course. The classic combination of accordion and uh... oboe? Metal oboe?
This band seems so sad
"Jaaaaypeeeee" - Brett
Keep him away from walls
Tsao with his amazing art!
Wacky inflatable tube people!
Obligatory "I'm working the board and am bored" shot
We had fireworks on the ceiling for a big chunk of the weekend, as part of the "festival" theme. Then we almost made real fireworks when the projector started to melt from pointing up
Amanda and Mel demonstrate their cool cool glasses
New server
Render-chan and Error-chan!
Audience participation!
Dance, Mel, dance!
Also Will. Will can dance
Everybody dance!
Also.. this guy?
Vic later said "thank god you took a photo of the winner because I forgot to write it down"
Free Otakon
Ballots ballots ballots
Input the ballots!
Hi buddy!
Topaz helped to solve a tricky issue where we had input some ballots more than once. It required some careful thinking and a little database surgery but we got it fixed
Full escalator
Amanda and Dan are on the lookout for wristbands
They left the game room open late for staffers
Are these all staffers?
I'm in a strange Japanese mech arcade game
Uhhh, sure, let's start
Until what??
Yeah, got it
Party outside the rave!
That giraffe has bubbles
They're all dancing to Naruto openings
OK fine
How dangerous is this door??
Nerds in the sun
Artist's Alley
Whoa. Don't let the sunglasses fool you. Facehuggers are not your friend
These people are pretty cool
Replica prop weapons!
I had to pose with the pulse rifle. It was nice and heavy
Don't get closer!
It's Hudson's motion detector! The screen even showed a motion animation
I'll have to check them out
Anime race cars are back!
Amanda waits to hand out the awards
The official winners ballot!
That was a fun weekend. Now everybody out!
You are viewing images from 07/28/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 74 pictures.
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