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This year's "Vic in the elevator shot" is less interesting. Dan stole his thunder
Bye, AMV server!
This is where Otakon lives
F Dreamcast? What do you have against the Dreamcast?
Waiting to make sure we're dropping off our gear in the right place
Someone was signing the lyrics to our AMVs! Also Vic got all crazy-mad when they showed the videos wrong.
Hirokatsu Kihara! He worked on Kiki's Delivery Service and other Ghibli films
I made a ballot ball
Let's find the dead dog
Elevator time
Vic did a very nice tribute Kyoto Animation as the last thing in the VAT this year. But to keep the tradition alive, we watched Come Sail Away, just for us
Wire farm
Vic is master of wires
Goddamnit, Mel
Why, Mel
Will is allowed to coil cables, unlike me
Amanda bought some bathing suit and is showing everyone
Otakon 2019 AMV Department group photo!
Mel finds a way
Dan isn't a princess because he can't feel the pea under all these chairs
Omar has some questions
I've never been on the van trip to the loading dock before
Hey we're on the woof
Vic wishes he wrote down how he fit everything in the first place
Smart to make a sign without the year. "Why are the Otakon Vegas mascots on there?" "In memorium?"
Time for the retro
Dan and Brakus have feedback
Run, Robyn! Don't let Topaz catch you!
Alan gazes into the future
"Alan, do the pointing thing!"
Alan has two IDs! Who does he think he is, Mckeed??
Hanging out while we wait for the group photo
Stairs are fun
Stealing someone else's selfie
Whoa, old timey photo for the staff photo!
Some sort of a tribute for the chief of staff I think
Let's eat Chinese food and get out of this room with the volume turned all the way up on staff videos. Also that guy behind Alan is upset
Mmm.... food. No talking.
They were playing mini documentaries about Otakon back in the day
It took too long to gather all the con chairs for this photo so I gave up on them. Presumably someone got the proper photo
Dan loves the ball pit
Feel the energy. Also, I see that, Anthony
Topaz can't even believe he's awake
How has the $30 breakfast become a tradition. So stupid. We need to find a diner
This year's program guide
Hey I know that thing
"Oops! All Butlers!"
Hey that's us!
You are viewing images from 07/29/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 50 pictures.
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