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Oh boy, are we really doing this? Visiting the BCC will be fun
Hey they have the same registration booths as Otakon
Registration was in the old Video 1!
Hey they use the same printer we use too!
Got my badge
Vic and I ensure we can never deny this later after we regret it. Also, am I a jerk for wearing an Otakon jersey to another con?
The BronyCon program guide cover
Checking out the schedule
Our first plushie sighting
Oh! Well... that escalated quickly
The old VAT! It's where the attendees dropped off their little kids, so we weren't allowed in
Vic discovered an ARG (alternative reality game) in the program guide
It's a secret QR code!
Amanda is clearly thrilled by the ARG
These people were stealing chairs to set up a video game station in the hallway
Vic had to get away from this projector setup ASAP
"Stabletop Games"... I get it
Don't mess with this pony
We found their radio gear
Holy crap, that is quite a line. And we don't get to skip it like usual
Fluttershy has a snack
Uhhhh. Uhhhh. Uhhhhhhhh.
More plushies
More giant plushies
Generic Name
The line was so long we had to go outside in the heat. The line control people were pretty ineffective
Do people come to a con like this looking for old yo-yos?
I did not get this sign's permission
I did ask permission to take a photo of this funny sign
Oh my god, did they ever. It was.. really really weird and sort of upsetting. Especially with the kids around
This Boba Fett walked up to Amanda and just pointed to the wanted poster with Pinkie Pie on it
Vic is in his element
Wandering the dealer's room
Sweetie Bot
I got my own plushie to blend in. Trixie rides in style
Vic continues to work on the game
Is this maze part of the game?
So many extra ears
This person has a uh.... friend?
It's Lauren Faust! She created the 4th generation of MLP
Also Bonnie Zacherle, the creator of the original MLP
Our seats for the panel
Trixie's hat stayed in the bag
Bonnie seems thrilled to be involved here
There's weird fake code flying by on the screens
And weird symbols on the ceiling! Is this also part of the ARG
Lauren Faust was pretty cool
Time for Q&A
It was tough to get clear photos from our seats since we were pretty far
This guy...... Yeah.
So many lights
The tech booth is pretty cool in here
Tech ponies?
Well, hello Princess
Oh this project is still going?
What the hell is up with that bottom-right one?
Flim and Flam had quite a show going out in the lobby
What's wrong, Flam?
So many weird nerds
Uhhhhhhhh. When Bronies and Furries collide?
Michelle Creber (Applebloom) and Kathy Sullivan (Spike)
Andrea Libman (Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) was late
It was super weird hearing the characters' voices come out of just normal people
What the hell is this dolphin thing
Cadance is making friends in the lobby
We found Omar!
More random crowd shots
Do not make direct eye contact with Princess Cadance
This is where that train fell into the subway. Welcome to Baltimore
Spiffy dress
These people were asking for trouble
I checked out the PMV contest just to see how it worked. All the winners were just chosen by the judges, who prattled on about why they chose them. It seemed a lot more about the judges than it needed to be. Also there was a light directly on the screen.
Elevated tech booth
Look at this giant cable just running through the seats!
Fancy board
The PMV room
Haha, they used VLC and just left the default "show the filename" thing on
Get out of here, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
What the hell is this bizarre parade of furries???
Why are there so many furries?? Where are they coming from?? Where are they going??
Vic bought an AR poster. You can look at it on your phone and it gets 3D. I don't get it. Amanda's holding it up so Vic can demonstrate
This picture of Vic exists
This time we got closer seats. Hi Lauren Faust!
Those ceilings are so familiar
Listening to Faust
These people were cosplaying as the "how much I want to talk to people" cards we get with our badges
I didn't get a good photo of this guy but he was wearing the SpaceX spacesuit!
We were running out of stuff to do so we wandered into some sort of cosplay contest
All the contestants lined up. What the hell is that blue thing on the right?
Princess Celestia closes out the con. Well, for us, at least.
You are viewing images from 08/03/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 91 pictures.
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