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Just look natural!
Pavona points
Natural workers
This is natural working
Ax has arrived and brought the purple
Alex at work
Creeping on Scott
Change your default wallpaper, Scott
Petusky immediately was just like "you want me to look like I'm working or at the camera or what"
Alex also has the default wallpaper!
Mitra will be horrified if she ever notices that this photo is featured at the top of the "careers" page
Hi Mitra!
Mitra loves photos. No not really
Time to debug!
This is the last time we will ever go to this Buffalo Wild Wings. There's bad service and then there's this
Elliot can't even believe it
It took forever and literally 100% of our orders were wrong
Tom's got some Coke!
Debugging continues
Hi Davieau
Tom inspects the screen
Alex didn't make the website
Ian looks so suspicious
Nate thinks about being on the website
Hi Ian
I printed this photo of Davieau and put it on Ian's wall
Pavona and Tom arm wrestling contest! I should've bet on Pavona
The moment Tom realized he was in trouble
Just don't break any bones
Justin's ready for lunch
It was so hot
Never ever ever let Davieau choose the music
Justin shows off Meridian
Get back to work!
Geoff and Mike try to look natural
Geoff sort of got it, haha
Picking over DroneSwam stuff
Justin sets up the propellers
Don't touch them, Josh!
Mike's got the payload
Scary blades
Setting up the scary drone
Scott and his baby
Deploy landing legs!
The DroneSwarm payload
Weird LED cube thing
Oh ho, a new drone
I only included this photo cause Davieau's making a dumb face
Just berating people while eating snacks
Justin lifts the drone
What's in the case?
Hey Jeff's here!
I caught Josh and Geoff mid-meeting. "...thanks JP"
Bob's cool models
I think this is HR land
Mysterious hardware at Davieau's desk
Why is your desk so weird?
Why is this on the floor?
You are viewing images from 08/13/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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