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The art in this rental place is.. something
White Claw?
Let's go to the rooftop bar!
This is the only photo I was able to take inside before they told me I couldn't bring my nice camera in
The view from the rooftop bar
Alcohol is fun
Nice view
Looking back west
Of course I had my cube out
Later we went to this German food place for awesome pretzels and beer
It was dark in there
Joe got everyone these ridiculous shirts that I couldn't handle wearing. And Goran got a Tony Tony Chopper hat
This is a flattering photo of Goran
Heading down to the beach
Beach passes?
How do tents work
Hi Bloo
CJ's ready for the beach
Joe's a doctor so knows the importance of sunscreen
What a ratty looking parachute
I'm pretty sure this is the first time this camera has been to a beach
Lounge mode: engage
Goran has some upsetting swimwear
CJ seems to like the beach better than me
Bloo embraced the pink shirt
I bet this is the first time a hat like this has been on this beach
Joe's bringing the sunscreen humor
Max stares off into the future
Goran simulator
Jello shots!
Bruce Springsteen performed here in some famous concert
Hitting the boardwalk
Waiting for lunch
Why ARE you sushi?
Checking out the weird mall-like thing
This is the weird mall-like thing
There's a second group photo with me in it, but this is the one from my camera
Packing up the tent
How did it work again?
Max isn't ready to leave
Goodbye, beach
Back in the apartment
The reaction to the next part of the evening
Yes. We are going to be riding this ridiculous thing
You pedal it from bar to bar
1000 words
All aboard!
This is going to be a ridiculous trip
Max is into it
Goran's hat...
The pedal car controls
It was actually a lot of effort
Bloo seems uncertain
Wide angle shot!
You can see my lack of shirt participation in this shot
Our driver was great
Bar stop 1
Let's play cornhole!
Goran's got the beanbags
Lining up a shot
Beanbag's in the air!
Bloo's throw
Throw the beanbag, CJ!
Next bar
This thing was supposedly like pizza in a glass
That green drink ended up being problematic
CJ does not like it
Bloo also did not like it
We made a friend at the bar
Goran, why is this drink so bad
Our new friend also hated it
This was the awful drink. Do not buy this drink!
Back to the pedal car thing
Blue Moon is nice
Is this a secret gas tank??
Group photo! I fit in! Also, what happened to Max?
Max is still reeling
Well now what?
Jackbox, obviously
We're on the move again
Vic predicted we would see numerous Jeeps with no doors.. we saw at least one!
It's probably for the best that I didn't get a scooter
The sun's gone
This place was pretty fancy
Where is the food
Hey it's that guy I am
Butter is two dollars! That's how fancy this place is
This food is so smal!
Look at the size of the brim on CJ's salad bowl!
We found some PS2 games in one of those library "take a book / leave a book" boxes
What's in this mysterious place
Whoa, rainbow cloud thing
It's just a bunch of strings!
Looking up into the rainbow cloud
Rainbow rain?
Walking back down the boardwalk
Hey cool, an RC car
The beach is a little less crowded
Silverball museum?
Hi Goran
Where did I even find this
VHS tapes are fun
Time for some night drums
This is a cool wheelchair for sand
Max energy
Of course, Bloo made us some coffee
Hi Joe
More Jackbox!
We're all so funny
Who will win?
Time to clean up and go home
You are viewing images from 08/31/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 112 pictures.
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