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Well this is quite a crew! Clark James, me, Mel, Bryce, James' wife Madeline, and Dan!
Look at the size of that space telescope, that's so funny
Discovery looking good!
Dan demonstrates how space happens
Soyuz, you so little
Checking out the old Delta behind the visitor's center
Yeah, space is pretty cool
James found this random kitchen knife in the parking lot for B29
The ROC was open and photos were allowed! This is our full-sized Landsat-7 mockup
Landsat-7! We're coming for you!
Big shiny spaceship
James is into it
Someone made a tiny Wilson out of a tennis ball
Mel and Dan are thinking about starting a band
Mel's all about ruining perfectly good photos by deploying The Crazy Eyes
This is the hexapod. It simulates the movements of Landsat-7 as our arm moves in for capture
The gold thing is Landsat-7 and the silver thing is a mockup of our payload, which sits on top of the main spacecraft bus. We use heavy industrial arms for practice and development
Another view of the hexapod
Back of the hexapod
See that boxy protrusion at the bottom-left? That's the cover over the fill and drain valve. That's what we need to cut off
Me with Landsat-7!
"It's right behind me, isn't it"
James and Madeline with Landsat-7
Don't clap at the phone!
James demonstrates the different stages of refueling
And then there's this thing
I think that instrument at the top-right is the main camera
Looking down at the rest of the ROC. We didn't go down there since another tour was going on
James and Bryce peek into the back of the SSDIF
James saw these stairs with some sort of sign saying not to go to the top.. so he immediately got on the bottom
Checking out the scary centrifuge
Checking out the scary vibe room
Dan's been on this tour a few times
James, Madeline, Bryce, Mel, and Dan with the SES
Look at the size of that subwoofer, that's so funny
James with the hydraulics-driven subwoofer
Mel and Madeline at the observation window
Hanging around, looking at the SSDIF
Back at my house.. it's time for fun and games!
Games and beer are fun
Dan loves games
Neil! Looking good!
Mel and Bryce are in the Hood Club
Yeahhhh, hood club for life
This was a mean picture I took and decided to keep for all eternity. We'll never forget, Mel!!
Ha, what's that face, James?
Hanging around the Codenames table
Mel's having fun
James thinks deep thoughts
The Clark James story
Bye Madeline and James! Thanks for visiting! Have a good road trip!
You are viewing images from 10/11/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 52 pictures.
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