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Nice morning for a train ride
Hey it's the new 2U building!
It's that crazy stair egg thing
It's pretty neat in person
Josh pointed out that this building looks like a butt
This building does not look like a butt
Hi Josh
This structure slides back and forth like the New Safe Confinement!
I think this is the building I saw being constructed on my daily commute
Josh and I are going to see the museum on the Intrepid!
Look at all those airplanes
Hudson Yards
F-16 looking good
SR-71 is getting some work done
This is a jet-looking jet
Cool folding wings
Handle with care
These wires look.. fine
I want totouch
Josh was fascinated by these tubes that people could shout into as a power-free intercom
So many phones
These are some intense looking dials
Some old veterans were there to explain how stuff worked. Very cool
Not a bad bed
Ludicrous speed?
I wonder what modern equivalent of this looks to
Cool 24 hour clock
Josh is a sailor man
Josh declares this to be a ship of peace
Nice view
Hey this area sure looks familiar
Do not touch!
More strange instruments
The view from the brudge
Look at Josh. He is the captain now.
Let's go see Enterprise!
T-38! This is the jet that astronauts learn how to fly
OV-101 looking good as always
It's so hard to get a good photo of Enterprise in this small space
Fred Haise and Gordon Fullerton looked through these windows during the first flight of Enterprise
Chunky wings
Looking down the port side
Enterprise doesn't get enough credit
Josh with Enterprise
Me with Enterprise. I have a gigantic and heavy backpack on
Decent wide angle shot of Enterprise
Scars for her sister, OV-102
Another view of the left wing
So many tiles. Well, no tiles, really. But normally there's a lot of tiles here
Scars from STS-107 testing
Wind tunnel model of the orbiter
Wind tunnel model of an early version of the shuttle
Signatures from the RCC team?
The RCC panels are big
Enterprise still has its name on the payload bay door, the old style
Soyuz is a little smaller
Josh and I wondered why they were selling this donut toy
What it looks like to recover a Gemini
Concorde! Someday I'll get down there
Josh considers getting into the bunk
It was very uncomfortable
I almost beat the day's score for landing the shuttle simulator! I was just slightly too fast
The side of Gemini
It's time to see The Adventure Zone!
Suz is excited
No real cameras were allowed in the theater for some reason, so cell photos are all I've got
It was an incredible theater
The view from our seats!
Become the Monster
It's the McElroys!
It was a great show
Justin and Clint McElroy
Who are you pointing at?
Clint's got a Narfblaster!
The view from the new 2U office
Suz tries the weird hanging eggs
Nice new place!
Back at the theater for My Brother My Brother and Me
My Brother My Brother And Me!
Our seats for MBMBaM were further back but we didn't have anyone in front of us
Justin and Sydnee!
Suz is excited about intermission
Hi Suz
Check out the crazy ceiling in the theater
The brothers do their work
In classic NYC style we went to an unbearably small and expensive place for food. Great pretzel!
Poor AJ was sick all weekend
What AJ thinks of this photo
Codenames is fun
It's a sundog! That's the sun on the left and the sundog on the right. It happens when light is refracted by high altitude ice crystals
You are viewing images from 10/19/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 94 pictures.
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