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Time to buy a plant?
James likes plants
James hates photos
Hey little plant
Want some Christmas stuff?
Santa selfie! James hates this picture cause it makes his arm look gigantic
Me and James! It was around this time on my last trip that my appendix started to go
Not mine, not little. Just pony
James loves Disney
Hey I remember that place
It's that other Buzz
Look at the size of those toys, that's so funny
Slinky dog!
The shading on this ball is so realistic
I'm not the biggest Star Wars guy, but just being able to wander around a Star Wars setting in real life is pretty cool
Topaz knows what's up
Chilling out at Mos Eisley, or whatever
Is this a warning to droids?
In the Star Wars universe, all buildings need random umbilical hookups
What even is this
Lots of domes
Got it
Is it rude to push buttons on other peoples' houses?
Well that's the Millennium Falcon
It's a nice looking spaceship
The cockpit on the side of the Falcon
I love the detail
Looks sort of like air conditioners on the front of the tongs
I like how even the fire extinguisher signage are in-character
Readable Font Wanted
I love all the cables and hoses
Looks sort of like when the shuttle was in the OPF
Space Traffic Control?
I don't like this ship cause it looks like it's looking at me
Big gun
This place is a mess
Long line, but interesting stuff to look at
Big engine
Nice viewout the window
So much detail on top of the Millennium Falcon
What are those actuators for onthe back?
A Star Wars vista
So many hoses
Weird robot person
Hey we're in the Millennium Falcon!
It's that table with the holo-chess
James wouldn't sit for the photo
It was cool to just be milling around the Millennium Falcon
Distinctive hallways
It's that laser ball thing that kept zapping Luke!
The exit signs sort of take us out of it but what can they do
The floor lighting is cool
Love the vector graphics
Time to fly the Falcon! Unfortunately it was mostly steered by this kid, who needed a few lessons
James love rides
And away we go!
This photo expresses how much movement and jostling there was
James and I were the flight engineers and kept the ship in perfect working order!
It really is a nice looking ship
It's fun trying to find ways to frame it that don't include any people
Neat lighting
Blue x-wing!
Nice landing pad
A land vehicle?
Let's ride the new gondola thing
Is this one full of rats?
Whoa, I didn't notice the giant distorted image of myself in the reflection
Check out the beautiful view of the parking lot
It's a nice way to get around
The tram is sort of fun
Time to build a crazy pizza
James with Lola!
Lola want a treat?
Lola want a treat!
James is stressed by board games
Victor's got a lot of board games
I'm sure he loves photos
Hi James
Which animal are you?
I got one of those fancy ice balls!
Paul and Mariah like games
Paul's amazing painting of Lola
Is that Spyro on Russell's shirt?
Everyone loves Lola
Lola, relax!
Russell's got to head out
More awkward photos of James
I have no idea why I took this photo
Nap time for doggos
This game was too confusing for me in my tired and inebriated state
Victor's going to take over this neighborhood. Or whatever
Apparently my iPad is serving as a table?
Victor's impressive board game backpack
Hey little trash panda!
Wait.. what
Want to sit in this seat? It goes a little higher than this
What a weird status. Clever though
Those seats are much higher now
500 REAL skeletons?
James and Madonna
Looking good, James
Look at all these gears!
You'd think that air hockey with 50 pucks would be really fun but it was just sort of stressful
I used my tickets to get a parachute man
Let's rewind the clock by about 20 years
The chute is open!
He's gonna make it!
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You are viewing images from 11/02/19 in the main gallery. This set contains 112 pictures.
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