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Have I mentioned lately how much fun a good zoom lens is? Lately I've been playing around with the digital zoom. Now, before your shouts of protest can reach my ears, let me explain.. I know that digital zoom greatly degrades an image, and it's mostly pointless. But sometimes you care more about the zoom than the quality of the image, and it can be useful. I don't use it that often so gimme a break.

The pictures of the Linux Lab show where I've been working for the two weeks before school started. I've been basically learning the process of learning Linux. Stuff like how to frantically learn how to use a new program that you needed to know how to use a few hours ago.
Freshmen are everywhere in stupid little groups
Dude on the street
Constructuion workers on the new dorm
48x zoom thanks to the digital zoom
An overview of the work so far
Ginny and Liz watch as Jeff works on a problem
Gamakichi and my big headphones
I saw George sitting outside
Some guys sitting outside on break
Tom helps Jeff figure out the problem
Yep, that's where I am
Vladimir's crazy screensaver
Ginny, Jeff, and Tom
Jeff and Tom work on the problem
The back of the projector
Professor Breecher came by
He's the head up of the department
Hi Professor Breecher
Every one listens to what Prof. Breecher wants done
This was the second to last day so we had to move
Spears, the department's webserver.. named after Britney because it's a "sexy machine"
I did this by accident from across the room
Remember floppies?
This dude was just hanging out
The linux lab from the back
The linux lab from the front
You are viewing images from 08/23/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 26 pictures.
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