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Hello everyone! I'm going to warn you right now that I'm not very good with names, so if I misidentify you, or don't identify you at all, please by all means e-mail me at That goes for cosplay characters too!

Since you're viewing this page that probably means that you are interested in Anime Boston stuff! Well you're in luck since I've got a camera, and I've been to every Anime Boston. Here are some handy dandy links to other events:

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This year I'm breaking up the con by day, so to see the other days of the con, click on the following links:

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If you're here early these links might not work yet so be patient!

This picture batch is Day 0. It shows me getting to Boston, hanging out in the mall, checking in and all that crap. The more interesting part is a behind the scenes look at the Anime Boston staff putting together the con you've come to know and love. We had a bit of a disaster when a sprinkler head broke in Main Events. The water didn't stop for more than two hours and it really was starting to build up! I saw at least one inch on the floor in there and it all dripped down to lower floors, flooding a restaurant! It all worked out in the end though and Opening Ceremonies started on time. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!
The Prudential Center in the distance
This was the view from the passenger seat in Mel's car
She parked right under and enormous pipe
At least she'll remember where she parked it
This seems a bit excessive
A cool waterfall thing on a wall
More of the waterfall thing
The Prudential Tower!
I can zoom now :D
I got this free notebook from some store
I made a paper crane with the sign from the previous picture
I left it there
Me in the elevator
My roommates weren't there, but the closet was open and I saw some pretty cool costumes
My hotel room. Since Mel didn't stay there and the other two roommates were engaged, I got a bed!
The top of some building
Why are there plants on top of this roof?
A cool dome building
A slightly garbled panorama from my window
With the zoom lens I can see people on the street.... not creepy at all
An airplane landing at Logan. This is maximum optical zoom
Here's the same airplane with a little digital zoom added for the hell of it
There's already a line of people who have preregistered!
A huge pile of bags!
Registration staff hard at work
This guy gave me my badge!
More bags for con goers
The professional photographer's got nothing on me
My badge! They made me use my real name since I'm staff, but I still have a sharpie!
Anime Boston maps!
Directory listing
At the Hynes at last!
Wooo! I didn't know that!
Tech staff putting together the stage for Main Events
Some people needed a break
The guys on the cherry picker are putting up lights
This room sure is big
Putting lights way up there!
The guys on the cherry picker were in for a surprise later..
Push that box!
Close that box!
This guy led me to Con Ops. We got water bottles this year!
Someone dragging something through the world's biggest room
Checking in at Con Ops
The 2007 tech staff shirt!
The professional photographer was at Con Ops too!
Security shirts
Tech shirts
I put my water bottle on my clippy thing
A closeup of the water bottle
Some floorplans of the Hynes
My first job was to bring this box to 312.. I brought it to 313.. oops
MIT in the distance!
Lots of cables!
A mixer
So many dials!
The hallways are reeaallly long
That's odd.. the fire alarm is going off
Oh no!! The guys on the cherry picker broke a sprinkler head and it's raining in Main Events!
This is a disaster! All available staff dropped what they were doing and ran to help
Everyone drags boxes out of the way
The puddle grows..
It's raining inside!
Going back for more boxes..
Setting up a screen
It's a nice break from the chaos in Main Events
Putting the top on
Putting the legs on
Mike Lee sitting down? Impossible!
Desmond tries to figure out what's going on
Mike Lee talking about some task that needs to be done..
"Go do it"
Someone made the Des-mometer
Me with my Naruto headband
This girl was tired
My first cosplayer of the con!
Portable, non-perishable, non-meltable food for my pocket!
We stopped by Program Ops
When people ask me what I do as a staffer...
.. this is it. I push boxes (and run DVD players)
I'm sparkly I guess
MIT at sunset
Dave looks at the speaker pole
We were in charge of setting up the karaoke room
Big heavy speakers
The Security staff all sit together
So does the tech staff
B-kun talks to the heads of the con
Now that is a big projector..
More security people
B-kun tries to decide where to sit. Should he sit over here..
... or over here?
I got another picture of a flash going off!
Maybe he should sit over here?
Or maybe he'll do what he does best and pose! Go B-kun go!
Keith asks "Who wants this 2006 Digi Charat calendar"
B-Kun tries to convince someone in security to take it
Tech staffers
Blue vs Orange!
The 2007 AMV ballot, front
The 2007 AMV ballot, back
Hooray for the blue shirts!
This girl was sick
Dave tweaks the equipment
So many switches!
That is an enormous TV
Traffic going by outside
Someone cut a penny in half with EMT scissors
It went right through!
I tried to put it back together
It's not going to happen
Mike Lee talks to the tech staff at our meeting
What's he talking about?
Desmond and Mike
Rick showed up too!
Going over points..
Poor Desmond
The staffers listen to their bosses
Why is here so much orange here!?
My schedule for the con. Not bad! I work at the AMV contest and I'm free for the masquerade
Don't people know that radioactivity is bad for your health?
The cover of the program guide. I like it!
You are viewing images from 04/19/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 125 pictures.
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