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Yes folks, it's that time of the year again already. Ripp-o-ween 2007 was shall we say.. epic? Yes. I think epic is the word to use. Or maybe "EPIC!!!" with three exclamation points. Anyway, as you can see, I took a lot of pictures this year and they are pure photographic gold. I was pretty liberal about what pictures I let through to the final cut because with something like Ripp-o-ween, more is more. Because of this, you might notice a few pictures that are almost the same, but look closely and you'll see some differences, even if they're a little subtle. It's worth it.

As always, feel free to use these pictures wherever you want, just be sure to link to my site!
Brett with his beard right before shaving
Brett shaved his beard! Gordon Freeman is no more!
Basically the same picture but with a flash
This year I was a Silver Snake from The Legends of the Hidden Temple
Bryce was the Prince of Tennis
It's so weird to see Bryce in a baseball hat. I kept thinking he was James
Brett dressed up as Naruto
Check out the spiffy spiral I drew on his arm
Clark James was Indiana Jones
Smashley was a flapper
Brandon was Zombie Freud
He's got his signature glasses and cigar
The first casualty of the night
Smashley loosens a Jello shot
Tony was Ash from Evil Dead and Ash from Pokemon at the same time
James seems wary about something
Tony wore a chainsaw on his arm all night
Smashley dives in for the shot
Brandon always looks insane in his pictures
Bryce is in the line of fire of Tony's boomstick
Bryce seems psyched
Michelle and Rosie were Salt-n-Pepa.. respectively
Rosie is crazy!
One of Smashely's friends came in an awesome praying mantis costume
Standing around
Oh No! I'm in the line of fire!
He made the chainsaw himself out of a smaller chainsaw
Zombie Freud talks to the mantis
Brandon and Bryce
Clark James strikes a pose
Looking good, James
Rosie and Michelle hit the photobooth
Back to back!
Looking good
Don't fall down the stairs!
Very similar pictures, but with differences that make it worth it
Brett's turn
Naruto's just looking for a fight
I'm so scared
Tony puts a hole in the ceiling
Does anyone live upstairs? I hope not
Tony strikes a more relaxed pose
Too bad he didn't have any Pokeballs
Check out the blood on his face, very nice
He even works at the Poke-mart!
James' friends Jason and Margot came too
They went as Richie and Margot Tenenbaum
Bryce serves up a ball
He said he was having trouble nailing "that anime look" you know.. hanging still in the air
Bryce is ready to rock
He was still wearing those pants the next day because "they're so comfortable!!"
Smashley's turn in the booth
What's on your nose!?
James strolls in for some pictures
Nice whip. But can you ghostride it?
Spiffy hat, too
Turning around..?
He can't help but laugh
Crack that whip
There I am again
Ash is killing Pepa!
Or is Tony killing Rosie?
Brandon made sure to tear up the back of his costume too
Zombie Freud shows off
Thumbs up!
This picture really sums up Ripp-o-ween for me
The mantis just went crazy in the background
Look at him go
That is one grumpy panda
Mantis man!
The double arm effect was really creepy
He's breaking into Bryce's room!
Great costume
Smashley's back, and her leg is on the door! Why?
No one knows!
Smashley and Break Dance Guy Mike
Mike's got his boombox and cardboard ready to go
Maria is the St. Pauli girl
Sweet costume
Laura was, appropriately enough, Lara!
Lara Croft, that is
And she apprently has a captive
Ah! Look out!
Salt and Smashley!
Oops, I mean Michelle and Flapper?
Oh right, Michelle and Smashley
Nice poses
Mike's got his camera ready, and Brett's got his beer ready
Mike looks crazy
Brett, not so much
Tony's got the skull goblet
Mike's just got a blue cup
I got some strange pictures since I was often sitting on the couch looking up
Smashley makes her way through the room
Smashley and Brett talk about something
It looks like Tony's sneaking up on them
And here he is! Smash and Brett don't seem too happy to see him
Laura borrowed a sweet real metal airsoft Beretta for her costume
Mike inevitably ended up breakdancing
Recovering from a somersault
Mike worms his way across the room
What was that?
"Hey Mike! Strike a pose!"
Mike strikes a pose
Sitting up
Posing for other cameras
Upside down!
Falling down!
Brandon's got the cardboard
Mike is vertical again
Tony seems suspicious
Smashley and Brandon dance!
James reaches for.. something?
This picture requires no description
Rosie and Michelle on the couch
What's up, Rosie?
Maria, Laura, and red shirt guy
Maria's drinking her costume! Kind of
Salt-n-Pepa are at it again
Brett finally let us draw whiskers on him
Mascara is kind of like facepaint
Brett looks so sad
Beer will fix that
Whoa! What's over there?
Get outta my face
Laura's having a good time. I especially like this picture just because it came out so crystal clear
St. Pauli Girl and Lara Croft dance!
Dance the night away
Tony on the couch across the room
He's got a drink, is he going to go for it?
He seems pleased with his decision
Oh no! I've been spotted by Mike!
Oh good, someone else has the boomstick pointed at them now
Mike checks out Rosie's sweet dance moves
Meanwhile, Smashley jumps around
Don't fall over!
Smashley and Michelle dancing again
Mike does more somersaults
Rosie gets in on the breakdancing action
Smashley tried, but dresses aren't really conducive to handstands
Mike sets up for another handstand
James got completely vertical
And he nearly wormed his way out of the room!!
Michelle dances
Mike's got his (nonfunctioning) boombox on this shoulder
Zombie Freud got hot and took off his blazer
A geisha is here!
Maria talks to Geisha Girl
Alicia made it too
Brett and Tony talk to Alicia
Meanwhile, Brandon and Smashley party on
And Bryce joins in
Smash and Brandon standing around
Dancing time!
The mystery costume guy was Joe! Everyone went nuts
Brett comes after my camera
Me and Mike
Everyone jumped in for this picture!
Check out Brett balancing this can on Rosie's knee
Brett won the "Sexiest Costume" trophy!
This calls for a Jello shot
Brandon.. helps?
Brett was pretty psyched
Oh no! Brett dropped his trophy already!
Brett's trophy in all its glory
We ran into Monty, I mean Flavor Flaaaaav, and some girl at the Late Night
This guy had a sweet wig
This girl sat next to us at the late night
Brett and Rosie get some cheesy bread
Potato Dude got a stick of cheesy bread!
Sweet costume dude
I think this is the right place
When we got back, Brandon had ripped his shirt off
The flashes are blinding him
They're too much for him to handle!
Mike dances like there's no tomorrow
James has lost his shirt, but gained a headband and some sweet pajama pants
Bryce seems upset
Brandon looks so freaky
Everyone convinced Brett to rip his shirt in half
Bryce remains in the Shirt Club
This is another picture that really sum up the evening. Just click it
Who gave Bryce that gun?
Mike and Rosie dance in my First Person Shooter
James dances by himself
Brett rocks out on an air guitar
Brandon just rocks ou tin general
Dancing time!
Dancing time is now!
Crazed Brandon from across the room
Group hug?
I took this picture to show what the actual lighting was like
Brandon started flipping the light switch on and off
It made for a kind of cool effect
The dancing continues
And James is psyched
Meanwhile, Brett jams on
Brett really gets into his air guitar solos
Bryce fell down and took Brett for the ride
James leaned over me to change the iPod. He looks so determined
Oh this can only end in heartbreak
Mike's got someone's wig
Get it positioned just right..
Very nice, Mike
Back to "normal" bald Mike
The beginning of one of the night's many pileons
Brandon goes on the offensive!
Brett chases them into James' room
Mike's got Brandon by the neck!
Good pile on
Brandon in mid-disaster
Bryce really gets into his flips
Too bad he nailed Tony on the way down!
Mike looks like he's in the process of breaking his neck
Bryce doesn't seem impressed with Tony's flipping skills
I convinced Bryce to do one more
Rosie gets in on the breakdancing again
Brett and Brandon on the couch
That is one full couch
Clark James shouts at the ceiling?
What's up, Bryce?
James and Bryce
Mike in the big chair
This picture is so weird, it just looks like Brandon is naked. ...he's not.
Brandon attacks!
Oh no, Brett's got the wig now
Looking good, Brett
This is James with the megaflash, and the least amount of light my camera would let in. Check out the EXIF data for details
Bryce browses through songs on the iPod
Another shot showing the actual lighting
I finally left, and found a VCR on the way back
Who would leave a VCR on the ground?
They're not cheap anymore, you know!
You are viewing images from 10/28/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 235 pictures.
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