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Alan has been taking bowling lessons from Bryce. The ol' smoooothball
Kailey tries to get everyone to pay attention long enough to enter their names
Alice's preferred bowling technique is to drop the ball so loudly it startles the pins into falling over
Go Alan Go
Plenty of people in the audience to watch and heckle
Go towards the light!
Hello? Yes, this is bowling ball
Pin destruction!
Eiwe is very happy with how that roll went
Alice is actually happy
I couldn't get any photos of laser tag since it was dark and.. well.. cause I played in every session. But here's the room where you put the vests on!
A couple people did the ropes course but they were all done by the time I took pictures. I think this guy works for Bowlmor
Well that was fun. Now what?
Group photo!!
Stinkface Craig
Ah, that's what. Beer!
Cyril shares his French gang signs with us
Alice and Sarah are ready for some pool
Artie lines up the shot..
Kailey's looking for some pool tips
If you think the colors look a little weird in this collection it's because the actual event was super orange and I did what I could to fix it
Nate's got a tricky shot
Hi Kailey
Janelle is a master photo bomber
Cyril has spotted me
Good times at the bar
Mike looks cold
I just realized I somehow went all night without playing a round of pool
Get out of the way, Cyril!
Artie and Tillery watch on
This is bad beer form. You're supposed to drink it, not put it down
Don't try to take Alice's pool stick
Hey Kailey, hey Kailey, is this distracting?
Max knows how to make a photo magical
Ahh, the perils of a narrow depth of field
This is the face of a man who is confident in his pool agme
Cyrl looks like he knows what he's doing
I don't think I saw Mike play all night either
"That photo sums up me and James' entire relationship"
You know what makes pictures easy? Super orange light and then also a super bright (white) light in the background
James gets photobombed once again
Hit the ball!
Let's go with the story that Eiwe is on his phone because he's battling hackers
James has such intensity
Chris and James manage to get a non-photobombed shot
Eiwe is very tricky
Artie is wearing some sort of life preserver
Pool tips?
This is a photo of James trying to control the pool balls with his mind
Mmm, beer
Suddenly, violence!
Violence is funny
Like a deer caught in the headlights
Careful Ian..
Whose turn is it?
Focus on the ball..
And away goes Artie
Hitting the 8-ball?
Meanwhile, this table continues to be the place to be
Farhan is putting a lot of planning into his shot
Janelle also battles hackers
"So the thing about beer is.."
"Are you taking my picture??" "No."
I like to imagine Dan is letting loose a massive burp here
Guys, I took a lot of pool photos
James lines up another shot
Farhan doesn't seem too confident in this shot
Meanwhile, Mike went home and brought some cool lenses for me to play with!
Behold the power of the weird wide angle, full manual, Soviet lens
Henry, what do you think of this Soviet lens? I'm not distracting you am I?
The manual focus is a little tricky to get the hang of
More lifting!
James is out of control. But Ian seems to be having fun
Make way for the Spinning Swede!!
Eiwe's foot narrowly misses the camera in this shot captured by Mike
Let's try the 10-20mm lens!
Whoa. This lens has a little bit of barrel distortion
But it makes it pretty easy to capture a whole group!
Let's point and laugh at Artie
I think I interrupted something
10mm is ridiculously wide
Eiwe just wanted a Pepsi, but they wouldn't give it to him
Too in Kailey's face
Eiwe is not sure how he feels about Mike's red lens filter
You are viewing images from 01/15/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 84 pictures.
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