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Even the intersections look nice in upstate New York
Nature is so relaxing, let's all look at our phones
We're on a lake!
Tom is so relaxed
Now we're camping
We had a little dock
Check out how nice this house/cabin is!
Lots of bugs and sunlight
Stars! And probably some camera sensor errors
Gather 'round the campfire, kids
It's time for Megan to dissolve into a bunch of goo and emerge as a beautiful butterfly
Steve is taking it well
Who the hell is Tom waving to?
Maybe he was warning the fish
There was a bright white house directly across the lake
"Whatcha got there, a house?"
Now both Toms are fishing
Is this just a floating RV?
Megan is queen of the lake
Tamara and I spent all weekend sniping the hammock from each other
Fishing town
Frog flag
That bench doesn't look so structurally sound
Amy gets some reading done
Dustin cleans up after us slobs
Go long!
Follow through
Dustin's girlfriend Lauren goes for the catch
Let's play complicated card games
First, sort everything into tiny piles.. and then you win!
Dominion is actually way more fun than it looked here
The duck interlopers are here for their first trespassing event
Tom bravely holds his own against the duck onslaught
Perhaps they can be bought off with scraps of bread?
I would also be concerned
More ducks!!
Steve's a fisherman
Time to play more games
Tom is ready
Megan is also ready
Amy seems less ready. No, she's ready
Steve is ready.. for bed
Taboo is way too much fun. We need to get a newer set of cards though. One too many references to political scandals of the 1990s
Tamara keeps a close eye on Megan.. no cheatsies!
Megan looks so distraught
Don't say the wrong word, Tom!
Steve loved this picture
We are now playing Telestrations
The Toms depart to start their own nation
Bye, Toms
The view from the porch
This game was incredibly complicated. I gave Steve a hard time but it was actually pretty fun. Just really painful to get into
I bet Monopoly is a subset of this game
Tom considers his next move
Steve considers drowning us all in the lake
More taboo!
This mouse had one hell of a night. And the ultimate hangover
Group photo!
Strike a pose
One more with the house!
Camping is now over.
You are viewing images from 08/24/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 62 pictures.
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