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Me and James waited for the craft studio to open only to find that they didn't have any gold paint
We bought some at a hardware store instead
James gets some stuff out of his bag
He's got my helmet!
My helmet before being painted
James tests the paint
It looked good, so he got to work on his cardboard cross
It's actually coming out pretty great
Look how awesome my helmet looks!
Both props came out spectacularly
I can't believe how well my helmet came out. This was like 30 seconds of work
James chilling on the couch
Oh no! Pictures!
Some plasma equations
Check out the rainbow!
There was a huge rainbow over Wright Hall
Apparently there's a pot of gold somewhere near the train station
You can't really zoom in on a rainbow..
It was so well defined
I didn't even notice it, I guess it's true that gamers never look up
But then why did Brett notice it?
It faded a little bit
But only for a while
The rainbow is gaining back more intensity
I couldn't help but take a million pictures
A rainbow pic with nothing else in the way
It was actually really tough to photograph
I did by best though
Notice how the sky is different colors on either side of the rainbow
A double rainbow!
The sweet double rainbow again
I was struggling to keep water off my lens
The double rainbow again
Maybe Wright Hall is magical
Nah, probably not
Lots of people were checking out the rainbow and taking pictures
The view from the shelter of the gym roof
It's fading!
I tried to get it to stand out a little with a lower exposure.. didn't help much
The rainbow next to the library
Where's the other end of it go?
You are viewing images from 10/27/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 41 pictures.
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