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A tour group wanders by Carlson
This was written in the middle of a sequence of equations..
An airplane!
Nugget and Melvin
I made an icosahedron out of neodymium magnets and steel balls!
It looks pretty cool
It's really heavy
Inside a larger icosahedron
72 steel balls
Inside the giant icosahedron
Another shot inside the icosahedron
The icosahedron almost finished
You can see inside!
The headless icosahedron
All put back together
It was pretty stable once fully assembled
One more shot of the icosahedron
Closeup of the steel balls
Really old books
This book.. is really old
This book of Maxwell's papers was published only shortly after his death
It's weird to see how familiar this looks consdering how old it is
More really old books
A squirrel!
The athletic center
My sweet new topology book
Brett and Bryce standing around
Brandon seems psyched for the Smash Brothers tournament
Bryce just seems.. creepy
Pizza is here!
Look at all the pizza!
This guy's got a pizza
Pizza is James' best friend
Brandon digs in
Everyone's got pizza!
Mike attacks that pizza
Hey Mike
Bryce enjoys himself
The spectator zones around the playing area
Another playing station
Smash Brothers awaits
Josh gets some pizza
Brandon's having a good time
Mmm, pizza
Hey Brett
James and Brandon talking about something
Mike and James
Bryce has pizza
Brett looks suspicious of the camera
Standing around..
Mike talks to Brett
James savors the moment before the first bite
And off he goes
Mike takes a drink
A Gamecube controller
Bryce calls this one "Smash players ready for blood"
James thinks something is funny
Looks like Mike has grossed out Brett once again
Bryce checks out the ceiling while eating pizza
Brett and Mike
Laughing about something..
Bryce, James, and Brandon devestate more pizza
This makes Brandon happy
Bryce and James
What's up, Bryce?
Sitting around..
This guy looks pretty bummed
Hey Mike!
Outrageous and Bryce
The pizza is all gone!
And James looks pretty guilty
Drawing the tournament tree
Some other games..
Bryce checks out the PS2
Brett watches people playing
Bryce gets in on a game
PS2 controller
Explaining how the tournament is going to work
Playing a game
Playing Smash
Bryce settles in
Smash Brothers!
Listening to someone explain tournament rules
Brandon examines the controller
He looks so lost
James is going to hit Pikachu out to left field
Oh no!
Smash action!
Bryce is so focused
So is Outrageous
Brandon pushes some buttons
Mike's sideburns are out of control
Mike and Mitch
Mike plays
Mike playing Smash
Nice label
Brett looks excited
Bryce gets into the game
Finishing the tree
Outrageous is out!
So is Bryce!
Brandon and Bryce: losers
Bryce and James
James.. says something
Bryce and Brandon play games in the other room
Oh that's nice, Brandon
Everyone sitting around
James: a guitar hero
Look at him go
Go, James, go
Gotta give him points for style
Don't fall over!
Outrageous takes up his axe
The old PS2 is a monster
James and Brandon
Bryce is having a good time
You are viewing images from 11/11/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 120 pictures.
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