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I made the airport bus!
On the plane!
Night flights don't offer as many sight seeing opportunities, but the lights are cool!
I'm not sure what city this is, but it sure looks cool from the air!
So much light pollution
The exposed elevators at the Hyatt in Crystal City!
The neat lights on the roof
People signing up early to get their badges
This door kept breaking all weekend
It's only Thursday and there's already a line
Anime USA!
Is that all we are to these people? Anime Convention?
Our hotel room!
Bryce checks out the program
Brian and his girlfriend Kitty
Bryce is already tired and we haven't even started yet
Nice hat, Brian
Ready to rock!
Flashes are bright
The flash put Bryce into zombie mode
Bryce brought his Persona hat
Getting decorations set up
Jefferson was working Registration!
Brian and Alan
"Sign this"
The Anime USA mascot
Brian is a puffer fish
It's Mckeed!
Ah, yes, that's the Mckeed I know.
Looking for t-shirts
Bryce and Mckeed wait around for the Vicmobile to show up
Alan always makes the same face when he spots a camera
"Put the damn camera down and help me move the server!"
Waiting around in the lobby with a pile of stuff
Amanda carrying some stuff
Nice pillow, Mckeed
Mckeed sets up the screen
Getting the VAT ready
Alan brought juice boxes!
Bryce marvels over the amazing prizes we'll be giving out.. namely the ones that last year's winner didn't want
Vic gets the server ready
There's that look again!
Getting the VAT set up doesn't take too long
Rinny stopped by to say hi!
Joy works on some last minute alterations to her Error-chan costume
Hey Amanda
Bryce basically just wandered around
Vic sets up some connections in the server
I can never resist a closeup of a mixer
Mckeed and Joanna
Jeff plays with his trusty iPhone
Mckeed and Joanna investigate my G2
It was too late to use this for my picture of the day, but I still liked it
I found this thing in the staff hallway. Looks like a timebomb
Wii time!
Bryce recreates the logo to his website
What's up, Rinny?
Mckeed gets the playlist for his panel together
If we don't do it ahead of time, it's usually a disaster
Whoa, hey Jeff
The control booth. Well.. really more like, the control corner
Jeff and Joy hanging out in the control booth
I imagine this is how Vic edits his videos at home.. two computers, orange soda.. tupperware..
The view of the Hyatt lobby roof as seen from above
The Hyatt lobby!
The cosplayers are out today!
Metro stations continue to be neat
Slipping away from the con for a few hours, I spent a few hours checking out the city!
I missed my stop, so got off at Archives, which is the stop I used to get to the Rally
Playing frisbee on the Mall
Hey, where did the Rally go?? This picture was taken from approximately the same place I stood for the Rally
The Capitol! Today, this was the closest I got
My first target for the day.. the Washington Monument
I was going to say hi to the spacecraft in the main room at the Air and Space museum.. but the line was out the door and I'm on a schedule!
A merry-go-round on the Mall
I just took this for James
Some neat looking church
What the hell is going on here?
It's some crazy group shooting promotional photos for pneumonia awareness or something
Other people got in on the action
Walking along the mall
The Monument is a destination for a lot of people
I almost took a ride in one of these, but decided it was too goofy
That second to last point is a little broad..
I'm almost there!
Closer still!
Too close
It's so surreal to see sights like this in person after seeing them on TV for my whole life
The White House peeping over the trees!
Neat flags around the monument
I asked a person to take my picture!
I asked a wall to take my picture!
Coming up on the World War II monument
Interesting fountain
The walls had artwork depicting the events of the war
Battlefield medicine sure has come a long way
Nice fountain
I really liked the light specks on this one
Someone left this wreath here. Remember that yesterday was Veteran's Day
Famous names
More interesting fountains
Franklin Roosevelt gives the women of the war the credit they deserve
If the Atlantic is here then..
There's the Pacific over there!
Interesting sculpture
I like the deail on the feathers
Looking back at the fountain
I found Massachusetts!
More fountains
I was drawn over to this, but wasn't quite sure what it was..
Flowers left at the wall
Lots of flowers. The words say "Here we mark the price of freedom"
I asked someone and my suspicions were unfortunately confirmed.. each star represents 100 American lives
There are 4,000 stars here. It's simply overwhelming
I finally made it to the famous reflecting pool!
I'd heard the water was gross, but yikes!
The Lincoln Memorial awaits
Of course, I walked along the wall
When I first rotated this picture, I did it the upside down and was totally confused
The woman with the bike here was doing some kind of photo shoot
I pose in front of the Washington Monument again
We're pretty close to the airport
Almost at the Lincoln Memorial!
It's one of those crazy pneumonia people!
He's doing flips now!
Mr. Lincoln himself!
It was bigger than I realized
Interesting inscription
Slightly closer view
Proof I was here!
The view from the top of the steps was pretty impressive
Amazing view of the reflecting pool, even if it is a little gross
I liked the Capitol peeking out from behind the monument
A really cool statue near the Vietnam War memorial
After running into the pneumonia guy again, I had to get a picture with him
Just the beginning..
So many names
It was almost more overwhelming than the WWI memorial
The reflections make for some interesting photos
I tried to find my dad's friend who died, but couldn't remember his name. Next time.
Lots of people left flowers
The stuff people left behind was almost too much. I didn't look at it long
The last name on a wall that should never have had to exist
The book that helps you locate names is enormous
Changing leaves!
The Washington Monument peeking up above the trees
The moon was out!
Not sure what this is all about, but the flaming sword was cool
This famous elipse!
The Christmas trees were already being set up
This guy was on a Razor scooter!
Tourists gather in front of the White House while police watch them
It's the White House! Again, it's very strange to actually see it in person after seeing it on tv so often
The rainbows were installed after Obama took office.
I asked someone to take my picture
Even deadly guard dogs need to be walked
The treasury building!
I took these pictures for Brett
The north side of the White House
The fountain really adds to the view
And why not, I got my picture taken on this side too
Pennsylvania Ave!
The street is actually shut down. Cars can get on it, but only by passing a pretty intense barricade
This sign seemed needlessly verbose..
This was the station I was originally trying to get to
Already went!
This walking distance sign seemed a little ominous considering the setting
I already saw it!
I was back with plenty of time before it was time to help Bryce with his panel
This kid was really into the AMVs Bryce plaed
Brakus thought she was funny
She kept dancing around. Little did she know she was forcing Bryce to move all the violent videos further down the queue
Bryce listens to a voicemail from a recruiter. Exciting!
My favorite thing about cons again. Cosplayers out in the wild
I got Bryce to pose with the chili again
That's an.. interesting.. font choice. Down the harr!
We always grab the best seats
Mckeed didn't even try to be sneaky. Note the color of the liquid in his sprite bottle
Our AMV Singalong panel was a smashing success!
This poor Sakura cosplayer had to wait almost half an hour to get in to see some AMVs.
Omar finally tracked down his pizzas
This Okami cosplay was absoutley amazing
She managed to move in a thoroughly unhuman, and deeply alarming, way. My lower brain just flipped out.. until she gave me a hug
Easily the most impressive cosplay I saw all weekend
Brian made this while sitting in the booth during AMV Hell
It didn't fly that well
I'm in the credits for AMV Hell 5!!
The rave next door to the VAT is always an interesting photographic subject
So many lights!
The people with glowsticks made a lot of interesting patterns
I realize these four pictures were more or less the same, but the shifting lights were so interesting!
This is actually a hula-hoop full of LEDs
Lights everywhere!
There wasn't a ton of dancing happening on the dance floor
This guy was flipping out
I only kept this one because I liked how the moving spotlight traced out a purple blob
Not much dancing, but lots of energy
Oh anime con raves.. why is there Pokemon on the screen?
Sudden strobe lights really lit this one up
The DJ seemed to be having a fun time
What's up next?
I don't know, more dancing. What od you want from me
Give this guy some room!
Dancing Obama up on the screen!
I told Bryce he looked like a middle school woodshop teacher. He was really an Iron Editor host
Artists Alley!
This costume struck me because normally with this type of costume the head is really oversized, but not on this one
Yip yip!
You are viewing images from 11/12/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 215 pictures.
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