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I see these battleships every day on the way to work, and I still haven't been on them!
It's time to change that
The USS Little Rock!
Pearl Harbor memorial
Memorial to Poland's contributions in WWII
Lots of radar gear
This picture isn't great, but I liked how the 537 was framed by the trees
Korean War memorial
A flower near the memorials
Looking up at some fighter jet
The gift shop!
Tilt-shift photography?
Nah, just a model
Captain Jetpack?
Weird mannequin
Pulsating light
A WWII era Japanese map. The katakana reads "A-ME-RI-KA"
That guy looks a little chunky to be in the army
I'm not sure how this works..
Various bullets
And old school ship wheel
I want this in my car
Model airplane
A model Corsair
"Shrine" makes it sound sort of creepy
Another model
More models!
I like how they apparently had a problem with people climbing on this guy
A huey!
The soldiers used these for scenic tours of the Boston area
That is a big fun
Closeup on some tank treads
On this tank!
Alright, let's get this thing started
I'm supposed to follow the yellow line
There were lots of weird little cramped compartments
Somehow this controls.. something
The red tape on some of these items is suspicious
"We need more yellow!"
Big shells
I guess this is how they load the gun
I bet these are really heavy
I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of these guys
I like to imagine this is actually a clock, indicating the year
Looking ahead in the tour
I want them to fire that little plug out
Wow, lots of destroyers lost
A tracking board
DJ mannequin?
I thought this might make a cool wallpaper
Funny slogan
The stairs were so steep they were basically ladders
That's one hell of a computer
And an enormous compass!
This was actually one of the more fancy accomodations
This is less fancy
And even less fancy. But at least it's not in the bowels of the ship like some other ones I saw
The bulkhead doors are cool but I feel like I'd trip on them all the time if I were actually on this ship for a long time
Gotta buy some smokes!
Another vantage point of the fighter jet and other stuff down on the ground
Looking towards the front of the ship
A compass?
It's like that gun from Star Wars!
Big gun
Big missile!
I think this might be an F-14
Dials AND wheels
More beds
Looking along the barrel of some of the big guns
Looking back at the other ship
I think this is some sort of missile loading rail
Looking down the rail
Missile? Torpedo? Something..
Snoopy says go left
Hey, there's that big blue missile!
Moodance Cat isn't as cool as Nyan Cat
More models
The wings fold so they could fit more on the ship
Lots of model airplanes around here
This, of course, is a period HDTV
Looking down the hallways
Spiffy uniforms
Hey, I recognize some of these guns
I used that .45 in Metal Gear Solid!
The red phone?
Hey, it's Synacor!
Radar gear
The path got a little tight in some places
Heading over to the submarine
This soda has been here since WWII. No not really.
Lots of rope
At the bow of the ship!
Looking back on the ships
Let's touch all the things!
I think these are torpedo tubes
I totally hit my head AND my shin on this stupid door
More dials!
I have no idea what these are
This seems like a lot of empty space for a sub. Maybe it's the kitchen
That is a big engine
The sub was even more cramped than the ships!
Bullet Bill?
I'd say these are torpedo tubes, but they're in the back! Can you shoot them out the back?
One last shot from the USS Croaker
You are viewing images from 07/27/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 114 pictures.
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