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Purnell is ready to party
Jacob is always ready to party
My messy desk
You ready to party, Tim?
Jacob is ready to.. check his phone
Max is ready to go home, I think
Off we go
The sign right outside Wolf Films, down the hall from my office
Why are bowling shoes so weird?
Who's ready for laser tag?
I already know the rules, let's go!
Kailey loves laser tag
Beer is fun
Serious conversation at the bar
Isaac conversation at the Isaac
Max, alone at the bar
Nate is talking serious talk
AJ's got a beer
"The thing about it is.."
Artie Party?
Tough to catch Purnell off guard!
Tough to catch lots of people off guard
James hates black and white photos
But loves bowling!
Line it up..
Anne lets it fly!
Kailey is having fun
Mr. David Wolf!
Henry spotted me. I need a less conspicuous camera
Kailey said normally my photos of her are faces like this one and was glad this wasn't her
Karl thinks about his next shot
A lot of these shots are black and white because the colored lighting in the pool area was horrific
Kailey and I had to try like four times to get a picture we were happy with
Beard Club
Henry said that the beer pitcher lends authenticity to this photo
Photobombed again!
Oh I bet this is a fun group to hang out with
Hey Luke! How is the ropes course?
Trust in the safety harness!
Hanging out at the bar
Looking at all these beard people.. maybe I should stop shaving!
Please call an attendant
Nate checks out my new Apollo pen. But more on that later
Artie also checked it out. But the next batch has more details on the space pen!
AJ lines up a shot! Everyone lines up a shot! That's the standard pool photo caption
You are viewing images from 01/21/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 48 pictures.
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