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Hey I know that building
This is where CBS covered the old launches
Me with the new countdown clock!
So many LEDs
Dan's done counting the LEDs, we can leave
Joe loves NASA
Media buildings
Whoops, almost left my bag in the field!
We don't need you, anymore, KSC tour bus!
Another peek at 39-A
It's a nice looking launchpad
Hey it's SLC-41, now with a crew access arm!
This is where the Atlas V launches
Holy crap, the Beach House!
This is where the astronauts would relax before missions
The SLC-41 crew access arm
Closeup on the crew access arm
SLC-40, the SpaceX pad
I always forget what this building is
ULA building
I love the look of buildings down here
The old Launch Complex 34
This is where Apollo 1 was going to launch
This is where the accident happened
Plume deflectors
The LC-34 launch mount
It's really sobering being here
Sacred ground
They didn't want people getting too close because the structure is falling apart and dropping bits
Lots of rust
Another shot of the flame deflectors
Looking back at the LC-37 structure
Cruising around in style
Oh man, is this what I think it is?
Mercury 7 memorial
Joe rented a fancy car
This is where the Mercury orbital flights launched
This is.. incredible
Somehow I suspect they added these years after the fact
Meanwhile, next door at the former LC-13... it's the Falcon Heavy side cores!
They're so enormous
Workers prepare one of the cores
Looking good, considering!
I got one decent shot as we drove by
Ha, wow. This isn't a joke
This is that ramp outside the O&C building that astronauts walk down, waving to the press, on the way to the astrovan!
Joe helped me get a nicer shot by taking this sign off
Touching the mission patches
Of course, I had to walk down the ramp. I did not wave, though
You are viewing images from 02/07/18 in the main gallery. This set contains 52 pictures.
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