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Metro stations are neat
These banners were all over the place. I like it
I can tell what rally these guys are going to!
The signs were consistently awesome
I knew I should've bought a t-shirt
Hey, now that's an ad I can get behind
Looks like I'm heading in the right direction
The National Mall at last!
Big building
"Want a rally towel?" "Hell yeah, I want a rally towel!"
The crowd is already pretty big and the rally doesn't start for more than three hours!
Another sign I can get behind
This is a crappy picture, but it shows the entrance to the "Special Guest" area, where I got to watch the rally
Even Fox showed up!
I wish I brought a blanket to sit on..
The Capitol!
The rally stage at last!
This is the view from my "seat" Not bad at all!!
Sound tests..
Indeed you can!
The big screens played various clips to get the audience riled up
The cranecam they used to get overhead shots of the crowd
Lots of cameras pointing at the main stage
Quizzes popped up to keep the crowd entertained
Hey I know that guy
Hey, I'm closer than the teleprompter!
Technicians get the stage ready
Wow, this crowd is really growing
The view behind me. I'm glad I showed up early!
The view in front of me!
People were packed in tight
How do I get one of those VIP passes?
The Captiol with the rally stage
One of the political slogans from this election season
Christine O'Donnell might not be a witch, but these ladies were!
I asked Bill the volunteer to take my picture.
More signs I can get behind
Came from Kentucky to what?
Ack, good call!
I wish I had thought of this!
Bill the volunteer!
The crowd continues to grow!
Cheer for the camera!
Camera guy was into it
It's Sam Waterston! Aka Jack McCoy from Law & Order!
I thought this guy was Bill Nye for a second
A tea party witch!
More funny signs
By the time I made it there, I couldn't find any trace of the store!
The Captiol is a great backdrop for this event
It's almost time!!
A perfectly reasonable sign
So many people!
It just keeps going!
The view directly behind me
The countdown has begun!
The back of the stage was open so you could see the Capitol
A tuba??
An overhead view of the crowd immediately in front of the stage
The Roots warm up the crowd with some pretty awesome music
Screen and stage
Bumblebee guy! I kept seeing him all day
The VIP area is still filling up
Let's get polite in public!
The crowd was loving the music
Another reasonable sign
Those people had a good view!
The roots continue their performance, and the volunteers continue guiding people in
John Legend came out and everyone went insane
I don't know who he is, but he plays piano pretty well!
Don't drink the kool-aid!
Another anti-tea party sign
Carebear kid!
John Legend and The Roots wrap up their show starter
It's the Mythbusters!!
Adam up on the big screen
Look at how enormous the crowd is!!
Doing the wave!
Adam and Jamie!
The wave coming back from the far end of the rally
It was pretty bizarre to actually see them right there
Adam explains how the next part of the wave experiment is going to work
The wave in progress
In the next experiment, the crowd had to make different sounds. Laughing, crying, etc
Laughing like a mad scientist was pretty funny to hear
Cheering was easy
Next, the entire audience jumped at once while geologists watched seismometer readings
Everyone jump!
Checking the results
We were something like 100 trillion times weaker than a small earthquake. Bummer
Jon Stewart takes the stage!
It's Jon Stewart in the flesh!
Up on the big screen
Troops singing the national anthem
They didn't even cheat with the teleprompter
It's Aasif Mandvi!
He's coming closer!
Climbing over the barrier?
He looks kind of grumpy
Back to normal!
He preps the two girls in front of me. He's going to interview them!
Here comes our camera guy!
Camera guy!
Aasif Mandvi interviewing the girls in front of me
Straight from that camera to the big screens all over the mall
A poorly taken picture of me up on the big screen!
Stephen Colbert is down in his underground bunker!
Come up, Stephen!
A blast of steam came out of the stage
Workers gathered around Colbert's rising chamber
Here he comes!
Colbert emerges from beneath the stage in a capsule reminiscent of the Chilean mining incident
He's almost free
Stephen Colbert bounds from his chamber
Running around with a Chilean flag
Go, Colbert, go!
I love his suit
Colbert and Stewart get started
Father Guido Sarducci comes out to perform the benediction
Father Sarducci up on the big screen
Man, I really was close
Colbert changes into something a little more comfortable
Mr. Fear himself
Sam Waterston reads Colbert's introductory poem
The most trusted actor in the country!
I could read the text head of time on the prompter
Yusef! Aka Cat Stevens
Everyone went wild when he came out
Cat Stevens up on the big screen and in person!
Stephen Colbert couldn't abide by Yusef's "Peace Train" and put a stop to it
Ozzy Osborne appeared on stage!
He sang "Crazy Train"!
Ozzy Osborne!
Colbert rocked out
Crazy traaaain
Jon Stewart was pissed
Jon Stewart puts a stop to the Crazy Train
Yusef sings again
Ozzy Osborne and Cat Stevens work together!
Never thought I'd see this at all, let alone in person
The O-Jays took the stage to sing a song we could all get behind.. "Love Train"!
That's a train I want to be on!
The VIP area really filled up
The O-Jays performing
Everyone sang along
Jon Stewart takes the stage again
In this segment, we visit people who had temporary lapses in reason
Steven Slater taped a pro-reasonableness message for the rally
I don't know this celebrity, but she freaked out in public, so taped a message for the rally as well
This guy got an award for being such a cool guy when he lost his perfect (baseball) game to a bad call
NPR was called out by Colbert for encouraging fear by not allowing NPR employees to attend the rally
In NPR's absence, Colbert gave the award to "a seven year old girl"
Colbert presenting the award
Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples also performed
Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post walked by!
Velma Hart was given an award for posing difficult but reasonable questions to the President
Anderson Cooper's Black T-shirt was given a fear award, because it only goes where disaster strikes
It looks like someone attached a camera to a balloon!
P.K. Winsome hocked some products to the crowd
Jon Stewart comes back on stage in a spiffy American flag sweater
Colbert has a similar sweater
They debated (in song) who was more American
Who's more American?
The audience sang along!
"Cause we're the greatest, strongest, country in the world!"
The audience was really into it
It's mindblowing how many people were in the audience
In the end, they decided to work together
Mick Foley had a taped message
And he also came out on stage!
Mick Foley was given an award for being supremely reasonable.. everywhere but his day job
Mick Foley talks to the audience
Colbert gave Mark Zuckerberg a fear award for his privacy stance with Facebook
The "Dude, you have no Koran" guy!
He was psyched to be here
But then he unexpectedly wound up..
..and hurled his award into the audience!
Kid Rock was next to perform
He played the keyboard
Sheryl Crow came out to perform with him
Sheryl Crow up on the big screen
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow getting the crowd worked up
Jon Stewart's back in his suit!
Preparing to give a speech from the podium
Colbert couldn't let Stewart just speak to the audience unopposed
He challenged Stewart to the first ever Colbert/Stewart Formidable Opponent
Colbert needs a podium!
Dueling podiums!
Another camera doing the rounds
This guy had a spiffy lens
The spiffy lens club
I'm guessing the yellow tape is to color code his camera bodies
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!2
Colbert winds up for a really high high five
Jump, Stephen, jump!
R2D2 also came out on stage!
I believe he got some kind of award
Giant Puppet Colbert!
He's huge!
Ahh, scary news media montage!
I like the giant pen
I thought the text on the teleprompter was funny
John Oliver comes to save Jon Stewart
Don't let the evil news media kill you!
Nice suit, Oliver
Colbert and Giant Colbert melting!
Jacob Isom in the crowd, with a beer!
Jon Stewart takes the stage again to make his closing remarks
He pointed out how everyone can cooperate and work together to merge traffic into a narrow tunnel, why not in the real world?
Me at the end of the Rally!
Stewart wraps up his speech
Tony Bennett sang America the Beautiful
He was great!
Yaaay, Tony Bennett
All things must end, even the rally
All the guests came back on stage to say goodbye
Credits roll
What an unlikely group of individuals
Goodbye everyone!
We shut down a Metro station!
Let's all calm down!
The Washington Monument
A better view of the Rally Stage
America Man?
I love how the stage frames the Capitol
The Rally stage!
Me posing in front of the Rally stage
The cranecam up close
Looking down the crane
I wish these were my seats!
Security on the stage
Bumblebee man returns!
Dance, bumblebee man!
Well who is, really?
Now that's a positive message
You've got to love all the signs
Tons of rally-goers wandered over to the Capitol reflecting pool
The United States Capitol!
A tighter shot of the Capitol
Me in front of the Capitol!
Forest! Junny!
Getting closer to the Capitol
It's an enormous building
He's just a Bill up on Capitol Hill!
Everyone loved the Bill
This was as close as I could get to the Capitol
I missed the last tour
Looking back down the Mall
It's a long way down the Mall
Looking back on the Capitol
The Capitol with my rally towel
Lots of people hanging around
There's 18 acres of floorspace in there!
The view from where I lay on my back for half an hour in front of the Capitol
Meteors are scary
Why is the Green Ranger here?
Neat wind power
More Rally signs
Goodbye, Capitol!
This sign shouldn't exist!
The Capitol Hillbillies!
I'm not sure why.. but OK
I hate filibusters!
The pool in front of the Native American museum sprung a leak!
So much water!
I decided to stop by the Air and Space Museum again!
Awesome painting
I still cannot get over this room
A closeup on the diagnostic thermal wax
The "SpaceShipOne" label
FAA number!
Looking into Friendship 7
I don't know how they even got John Glenn in there
These bundles of wires seem a bit sketchy
It's incredible that these things flew at all
There's an American flag somewhere on the surface of Mars
I believe this is one of the descent engines
I guess the creator of the "down with signs" sign took it to heart
You are viewing images from 10/30/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 286 pictures.
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