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Shawn took time away from his duck hunting to come see the show
Beager, the reigning champion
"See the thing about beer is.."
Shawn stares down the bleak future that faces humanity. Or looks out the window, whatever.
Of course, I was dressed in my finest.
Shawn seems weirdly offput by whatever Eric is saying
Who dares cast such an ominous shadow over such lovely food platters?
Anthony makes photographers work for their shot. You've got to be sneaky!
Despite the exceptional beer at Pearl Street, I opted for a gin and tonic
Phone recording!
This guy can't wait for the singing to start
And here it is!
Most of the Synacorians milled around near the bar
But some people sat at the tables too
Mr. Copeland, ready to rock the house
He usually wins the annual moustache competition
John Kav hanging out in the back
Veena thought it was pretty funny
That's a fancy drink
Taking a moment to prepare himself before he starts..
Look at those moves!
A hush settled on the audience as Beager took the stage
WIth such ferocious energy that people had to hold onto their seats, lest they be blasted out the window
The dramatic shirt rip
What's he doing to that microphone?
An excellent rendition of Purple Rain
Next up!
Manning the karaoke equipment
Singing may cause inflated arm syndrome in Beagers
"I have laryngitis"
Look at Mike go!
Laryngitis didn't hold him back!
Two people on stage at once?? Madness!
Singing is fun
Getting into it
This picture looks like he might be running for office instead of singing
"Who won Synacor Idol??"
"Oh right, _I_ did!" Congrats, Mike!
Beager gets ready for round two
Purple shiiirt, puurrrple shiiirt
He's got backup dancers!
The rare flash photo!
Even DJs can sing!
Eric's shirt looks like of like a full body tattoo
Everybody sing!
Mike's encore
Synacor Idols performing together!
I probably should've taken this picture first
You are viewing images from 04/06/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 49 pictures.
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