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Overall I'd say the conclusion to the Harry Potter story was pretty good! I wasn't totally happy with all the decisions Rowling made but hey, she's the author.
I couldn't believe it! We showed up 6 hours early and there's still a line
Oh well, time to get in line
The line goes along the outside of the building
Yep, I went to Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble employees kept the line under control
Team Potter?
Getting closer..
A helicopter was taking pictures of the line
A Barnes and Noble employee
A cosplayer talks to someone in a car
Another cosplayer waits in line
A little cosplayer heads to the store!
Staples wasn't happy about how we were blocking the door
The book wasn't actually 784 pages long
The gave me this pamphlet on the way in
The back..
That's a lot of pages
People waiting around the store
Some people caught up on their reading at the last minute
Meghan, Becky, and Friend sat around
This is their "natural" pose
"Are those the books?" "I can't confirm or deny that"
I got a spiffy hat
Cosplayer with flash
Cosplayer with no flash
The final line
Everyone gathered around the cash register
Meghan and Becky look at something
Becky looking around
Hi Becky
That guy's got his copies
People getting books
Everyone was excited
This employee was directing people with military precision
This way please
Come on come on
This woman held people back until hat man said it was ok
An Azkaban prisoner!
Meghan looks crazy
What a ripoff of Where's Waldo!
This guy had a wizard hat
Employees bagging books
The infamous boxes
Almost my turn!
This guy sold me my book
There it is!
My copy
More boxes, audio books, and normal books
Stacks of books
This guy takes out more books
Bagging my book
There was a big line outside
You should've pre-registered!
I had my book out in the parking lot by 12:14
I was ready to read by 12:40
I put on a pot of coffee, it was going to be a long night!
You are viewing images from 07/22/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 58 pictures.
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